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The Angel Awards

When editor Derek McCaw asked me to prepare the Angel Awards like the Buffy Awards, I thought it might be fun to see what the fans thought as well. So special thanks to everyone who submitted nominations and voted in our polls. I couldn’t include everything, so I tried to stick to the basics. It was a lot of fun and reminded me again what a great show we all got to enjoy for five years.

Hottest Male Character

You Chose: Spike (by a large margin)
I Chose: Scruffy Wes

As a hetero male I don’t have the best qualifications for this category. I consulted with my friend and long time fan Karol, but she went completely off the board with Lindsey. But based on personal experience and observation, I picked Wes. Women always seem to go for a guy who has been wounded and/or a guy with a couple of days growth (look what it did for George
Michaels’ career).

Favorite Episode

You Chose: You’re Welcome
I Chose: Anything That Didn’t Have A Connor-Cordelia Scene
Honorable Mention: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

Perhaps you chose “You’re Welcome” out of the sentimentality of seeing Cordelia and/or Doyle (via videotape) one last time. Or perhaps you appreciated Angel finally summing up how most fans felt about Eve: “Eve, I mind you breathing. Get out.” Or probably you liked the fact that Cordelia put Angel back on track. Along those lines was a little gem of an episode earlier in season five with an excellent Danny Mora as Numero Cinco, the masked man pushing the mail
cart in so many earlier Wolfram & Hart scenes.

Least Favorite Episode

You Chose: She
I Chose: Why We Fight

The writers should have taken a cue from their own script and left "Why We Fight" at the bottom of the sea. It wasted a valuable slot in the last season and offered little as either a standalone episode or an entry in the overall season arc. Viewers might have felt nauseous not from seasickness, but from the horrible dye job on Spike. “She” won out for fan choice by a large margin. I actually couldn’t remember this episode, even when I looked it up. Based on your vote, I guess that’s a good thing.

Hottest Female Character

You Chose: Cordelia
I Chose: Illyria

OK, technically she’s not really a she but an “it.” Illyria may redefine the meaning of “high maintenance,” but she also comes with a lot of pluses: Likes video games, she has no emotional baggage (heck, few emotions period), can change appearance (well, so could Lilah...sort of), and can slow time (think of the possibilities).

Funniest Character

You Chose: Spike, Lorne (tie)
I Chose: Lorne

They both made us laugh. A lot. And both can sing well. But Lorne was there longer on Angel. So hats off to our favorite Pylean.

Best Weapon

You Chose: Under the Sleeve Stakes
I Chose: Under The Sleeve Stakes
Honorable Mention: Hamilton’s Fist
Worst Weapon: Connor’s Spike Launcher

Best Fight

You Chose: Puppet Angel vs. Spike
I Chose: Fang Gang vs. Illyria
Honorable Mention: Slow Motion Bar Brawl in Rome

Most Painful Moment To Watch

You Chose: Thanks From Your Friends At The WB
I Chose: Thanks From Your Friends At The WB

Forget empty cribs, babynapping to Quartoth, pillow smothering, or even throat slitting. The unkindest cut of all was the WB pretending to have supported Angel. A tacked on bit of fake sentiment doesn’t make up for years of poor scheduling and paltry promotions.

Best Baddie

You Chose: Angelus
I Chose: Arvin Sloane…um, I mean, Lilah Morgan
Honorable Mention: Holland Manners

During the last few years Whedonverse fans would sometimes point of how much a specific scene in Angel or Buffy resembled something from ALIAS. So to pick the winner here, I’ve actually looked to that other show for guidance. Arvin Sloan is by far the most interesting, capable baddie to grace the airwaves in some time. Charming and scheming, he’s not afraid to eliminate his so-called superiors or maintain close relationships with his enemies. Best of all, he can keep the audience guessing about his true nature. In my opinion, Lilah came closest to reaching the gold standard set by Arvin Sloane.

Worst Season

You Chose: 4
I Chose: 4

Maybe it was Connor. Maybe it was all those long, boring scenes between Connor and Cordelia. Or maybe it was Jasmine. Regardless, mind wipe anyone?

Best Season

You Chose: 2, 5 (tie)
I Chose: 2

The show really hit its stride in the second season. We enjoyed some new faces, e.g., Gunn, and some familiar faces, e.g., Dru and Darla. Seeing Wesley pretend to be Angel resulted in one of the funniest episodes. And we even traveled to an alternate dimension that wasn’t cheesy.

Best Dressed

You Chose: Cordelia
I Chose: Lorne
Honorable Mentions: Gunn In A Suit

Sure, Cordelia sported lots of nicely coordinated outfits. But trying dressing for green skin (the real reason Kermit goes au naturel).

Best Demon/Non-Human

You Chose: Lorne
I Chose: Lorne
Honorable Mentions: Skip, Sahjhan, The Loa

Lorne was an interesting and valuable member of the Fang Gang who almost never resorted to violence. Loyal, dependable, supportive, witty --- a steady trooper who never lost his head. Well, except that once. Lots of honorable mentions in this category. Skip was a lot of fun...until he turned out to be a Jasmine stooge (another reason to dislike Season 4). Sahjhan had some great quips, but ultimately his banter and storyline became tiresome. Still, he at least deserves an award for having the most inconsistently spelled name. And The Loa? Well, who doesn’t like a good burger?

Chris Crotty


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