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Life of the Party
original air-date: 10-29-03

This episode focuses on Lorne's efforts to bring off Wolfram & Hart's annual Halloween bash. The event is apparently very important to the employees, even more so now since, according to Harmony, they all think Angel sucks (figuratively). Unfortunately, few of the clients want to show because Angel has been dispensing his own lethal brand of customer service.

Despite the support of a cell phone juggling assistant (where was Fred Savage for that role?), Lorne is on edge. An interesting scene involving a mirror and a much darker version of a Stuart Smalley Daily Affirmation raises the question: Is he stressed or possessed? In any case, he's definitely well pressed and still dispensing the one liners, quips, and nicknames that have earned him a special place in the hearts of many fans.

In a key effort to shore up the guest list, Lorne persuades Angel to visit demon Archduke Sebassis, who somewhat resembles a cross between Babylon 5's Jakkar and Seinfeld's Mr. Pitt. Important mental note: When calling on Sebassis in the future, be sure to politely decline any drink offers. Yuck!

The episode really hits its stride once the party gets underway and it's apparent that something is making the Fang Gang behave in peculiar ways (the early instances are nicely handled by the director with a subtle touch). What builds is just a lot of fun all the way around. There's a particularly funny scene when everyone gathers in Angel's office to discuss the possible cause and solution to their problem.

The wheels threaten to come off later on with the appearance of a monster that all too well resembles a well known superhero. Fortunately the monster isn't around long enough to be too annoying. Unfortunately, the writers missed the opportunity to create a much more interesting monster, e.g., put super strength and a different persona in the same exact body of the character in question.

Another miss: Knox. This guy is a real zero so far. Maybe Knox is really a "lack-of-personality" demon. At the end of the episode, it almost seems like the writers try, unsuccessfully, to model a rambling Knox after the ever-lovable Marshall Flinkman from ALIAS (it wouldn't be the first time the Whedonites have stolen from that show. Remember some of those scenes of robed baddies chasing down SITs?) At least the writers score yet another win with their judicious use of Harmony.

There are also two minor ongoing quibbles. First, why does W&H even have an entertainment division? How does that tie in to their evil domination plans exactly? And how do they ever think they can beat Spielberg? Second, there is no sexual tension between Angel and Eve despite Lorne's proclamation. No middle ground seems to exist with fans on the Eve character: Either they love her or they hate her (the majority seem to be in the latter camp). But that aside, it should be apparent to all fans that the writers, Ms. Thompson, and David Boreanaz have not created any notable sparks.

Overall the episode is an enjoyable throwaway Halloween treat for fans. Don't look for story arc plots (though Sebassis is likely to return) or major character development. Sit back, watch, and as Lorne advises Spike, "try to be more positive."

Chris Crotty


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