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Angel: Home by Chris Crotty (05-01-03)
"But someday, I will ask a favor..." Or you wake up with Lorne's head in your bed...

Angel: Peace Out by Chris Crotty (05-01-03)
Yipes! Only one week left in the season; I guess we'd better wrap it up...

Angel: Sacrifice by Chris Crotty (04-24-03)
Yes, call the horrible monster "Pointy," that ought to appease him...

Angel: The Magic Bullet by Chris Crotty (04-17-03)
The enchanting children's story of a girl who sees rotting flesh demons for who they are...

Angel: Shiny Happy People by Chris Crotty (04-11-03)
Deadhead makes Fred see red...

Angel: Inside Out by Chris Crotty (04-03-03)
Guy steps out for a few hours and everyone goes all supervillain...

Angel: Players by Chris Crotty (03-27-03)
Gunn gets jiggy with Jolt Girl!

Angel: Orpheus by Chris Crotty (03-21-03)
Magic..this is what it gets you.

Angel: Release by Chris Crotty (03-13-03)
You didn't think Cordelia was secretly evil? Come on, just ask Xander...

Angel: Salvage by Chris Crotty (03-07-03)
"It's like riding a biker." (followed by the sound of thousands of fanboys passing out.)

Angel: Cavalry by Chris Crotty (02-14-03)
Until this episode, we had no idea you could buy souls at Pier One.

Angel: Awakening by Chris Crotty (01-30-03)
Wood...why's it always have to be wood?

Angel: Long Day's Journey by Chris Crotty (01-23-03)
Don't you just hate it when The Beast of the Apocalypse outwits you?

Angel: Habeas Corpses by Chris Crotty (01-16-03)
Ooh...flesh-eating zombie lawyers...or is that just redundant?

Angel: The Lawyer Went Down To California by Chris Crotty (11-25-02)
One week of re-runs forces Chris to do something like this...

Angel: Rain of Fire by Chris Crotty (11-19-02)
You know trouble's ahead when Connor starts acting decent...

Angel: Spin The Bottle by Chris Crotty (11-12-02)
Oh, to be sixteen again, and to not be known as "Head Boy."

Reviewed: Angel by Chris Crotty (11-4-02)
"The only thing cooler than a Lilah/Fred catfight would be them making up afterwards."

Reviewed: Angel by Chris Crotty (10-28-02)
It's a sad, sad episode when the high point is Connor "accidentally" brushing Cordy's boob...

Reviewed: Angel by Chris Crotty (10-21-02)
It's not easy being green...and surrounded by showgirls...

Reviewed: Angel by Chris Crotty (10-14-02)
Be still, my heart. Then be started again.

Reviewed: Angel by Chris Crotty (10-14-02)
Catching up with the season premiere after, uh, vampires ate Crotty's VCR...

Angel Season Three
Here's what we thought about last year...

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