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Buffy Resurrected!
updated 6/15/04!

Concept art by Eric Wight from the previous attempt.

It started with a piece that caught our attention on Aint It Cool News. According to a scooper there, Alyson Hannigan's mother had mentioned in the Atlanta Post-Journal that her daughter was doing voice-work for an animated version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Of course you have to take these kinds of things with a whole salt lick. A couple of years ago, there had been more than talk of doing an animated version of Joss Whedon's baby. In fact, Whedon had assembled a team to work on it, headed by comics and TV writer Jeph Loeb. When Loeb took a job working as a producer on Smallville, it was clear that the animated project had died.

But then it occurred to me to contact Loeb directly. If nothing else, he might know if the AICN scoop had any validity, even if he wouldn't be working on the project.

This much he has allowed me to say at this point:

"The truth is true."

Loeb submitted to a further interview, here.

Though the news is sparse, it seemed worthwhile to all you mourning Angel fans to give you some hope: the Whedonverse is not dead.

Keep watching Fanboy Planet for more news...and don't forget to cast your vote in Chris Crotty's Angel Awards!

Derek McCaw

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