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Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014 Today's Date:

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014:
The Cosplay, Part 5

Posted 6/27/2014

Oh, yes. Ric took a ton of photos. There was just so much great cosplay!

Ice, Ice, Baby....

"You're... doing the exam? Isn't the doctor available?"

That's kind of cool..

Moments later, into a Slim Jim he didst snap...

The Green Goatee and Kato..

Lobo got a tan...

In the inevitable Disney buyout of Nintendo,,,.

That's more like it...

Mixing up Star Trek generations...

Oh, you see the appeal.

Harley takes credit for that last joke....

Deathstroke trying to disguise himself as the world's largest Heroclix.

Roy Lichtenstein's influence can be felt everywhere.

Fantastic Dave Tapia cosplay! This guy has it DOWN!

Help me out here for the style... is this Lolligoth?

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Ric Bretschneider



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