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Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014:
The Batman '66 Batmobile
(There Were Other Things There?)

Posted 5/20/2014

As you could see by our banner the past few weeks, our home base just hosted the Big Wow! Comics Fest at the San Jose Convention Center. Like a lot of regional conventions, it's growing in attractiveness to fans, and in getting attention from pros, too.

This year a high point was The Batman Museum, a medium-sized exhibit of Batman memorabilia, much of which belonged to Bongo Comics' Bill Morrison. The toys, the costumes, the coloring books, the... so much Bat-stuff! But it was dominated by the creme de la creme of Bat-memorabilia -- one of the original Batman '66 Batmobiles, customized by George Barris.

These have toured around at Comic-Con, etc., but rarely these days do fans get to get this up close and personal with it. Ric Bretschneider can be forgiven if he used his press access to mostly take photos of the car and not so much the toys, because ...it's the car! Chicks dig the car...

Update: Click the images for larger versions.

It's...so... beautiful......

Dig that sixties dashboard.......

Please... turbines to speed.....

So want to leap in.......

Love the Bat-Fire Extinguisher......

This is only one small sampling.. are there enough walls and shelves in Bill Morrison's house?.

All the Batman in black and white.....

Ric Bretschneider



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