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Comic-Con 2007: The Man

Erin Frost snapped the picture that sums it all up for me. So let her tell it...

The real fun of Comic-Con is the people you randomly run into. I met up with a friend of mine who had donated blood to the blood drive Comic-Con runs every year. We were walking back from the Mariott Hotel, up a little side path, when lo- and behold, who did we see but Stan Lee, smiling and talking briefly with a few fans. The universe does know irony, as my friend was dressed quite nicely as Storm from the X-Men. Sadly, security hustled him off before we could do more than wave, smile and take a brief picture, but a smiling Stan Lee is what Comic-Con is all about.

After all, he straddles every aspect of Comic-Con.
He created the comics. He produced movies and TV.
He's worked on the videogames.
And he became an action figure.
Thanks, Stan.

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Erin Frost


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