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Comic-Con 2007: The Closing Hours
Photos From The Floor

If you want to spend any time at the Con on Sunday, you must accept within your heart that leaving San Diego will be Hell. All roads lead to Rome, apparently, but only one leads to the rest of California. With that in mind, I determined to stay to the bitter end, maybe sign a few more copies of Tony Loco for fans, and then have dinner with friends before driving up to Los Angeles.

(Good dinner, too, and good company, including DC softball players Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen and Across the Pond Studios' Johnny Bourlett. Yes, Lon, I'm name-dropping.)

So that leaves us with these last few hours, and discoveries of the tail end of an exhausting but exhilirating Comic-Con...

The DC Direct people are ready, ready, ready to go home and rest up for WizardWorld Chicago...

Rosario Dawson gets herself a few minutes of freedom in order to meet and thank...

...Wee Pals creator Morrie Turner. Now 83, the artist is the subject of a documentary in progress, a pioneer in destroying ethnic stereotypes on the comics page, beloved by Rosario Dawson and he spoke at my elementary school when I was 8 and looked disturbingly like his fat bespectacled character Oliver. Meeting him now was the high point of the Con for me. It was an honor when I was 8, and an honor when I was 42, sir.

We're a long ways off from these, but at last ...Smallville action figures people will want to buy!

At 5 p.m., the lights go out and Elite II releases the hounds...

This is it. Tearing down the DC booth at 5:10. The voice on the intercom turns to a demon's and starts hissing "GETTTTT OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!"
We did.

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Derek McCaw


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