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Tony Loco Today's Date:

Broken Frontier Praises Tony Loco #1 by Derek McCaw (01-24-07)
"...an impressive debut from Mark Teague and Derek McCaw."

Tony Loco Returns With His Toys... by Derek McCaw (01-18-07)
Fresh from Mark Teague, preview art for Tony Loco #2...

Newsarama Digs Tony Loco #1 by Derek McCaw (01-04-07)
"I will state that I’m hungry for more..."

Jazma Online Gives Tony Loco #1 A 5 Out Of 5! posted by Derek McCaw (12-04-06)
"You will not be disappointed..."

An Aquaman Blog Likes Tony Loco #1! posted by Derek McCaw (11-20-06)
It's just coincidence, I swear!

The Tony Loco #1 Trailer by Mark Teague (11-20-06)
To taunt and tease you...Tony Loco brought to life!

The Geekzine.com Loves Tony Loco #1! posted by Derek McCaw (11-14-06)
"The only problem I had with the comic is that I wanted to see a lot more of it..."

HeroSpy.Com Gives Tony Loco #1 4 out of 5 stars! posted by Derek McCaw (11-13-06)
"As always the art is what brings me in, but it’s the writing that decides if I stay..."

Get a Haircut, Read Tony Loco #1... by Derek McCaw (11-01-06)
Just to prove that Fanboy Planet Studios has style ...or at least a stylist...

Another Look at Tony Loco #1 - page 11 by Mark Teague and Derek McCaw
Freshly colored! It's COOL!

He's Cute, He's Mute, and He Just Might Be Crazy by Derek McCaw (09-14-06)
Illusive Arts Entertainment officially announces Tony Loco #1 in October Previews!

Another Look at Tony Loco #1 by Mark Teague and Derek McCaw
The first page of the book -- order it in October Previews!

The Coming Of Tony Loco by Mark Teague and Derek McCaw
Here's the poster we did for Comic-Con 2006 -- a version of which will serve as the cover to issue #1...

An Early Look at Tony Loco by Mark Teague and Derek McCaw
Before Mark Teague joined Fanboy Planet, he worked as a production designer and animator. We did a feature on him, running a gallery of promotional art for a film project he was putting together -- Tony Loco. At the time, Teague had wanted to return to his roots as a comic book artist and had been interested in doing a book. Since that time, he and Derek have hashed over the screenplay and adapted it for an ongoing comic book series from Illusive Arts. Over the next few days, we'll be posting preview art and information on the book, including solicitation news as it comes available.

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