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He's Mute, He's Cute,
And He Just Might Be Crazy...
Illusive Arts To Release Tony Loco #1 In December...

No way around it. I can't be writing a comic book and not be mentioning it on this site. So allow me to toot my horn and say that I hope you'll like this book -- we're getting some positive feedback from the few pages we showed around at Comic-Con and now we're official.

We're real, people. And we've got a Diamond Previews code to prove it: OCT063538.

From Illusive Arts Entertainment:

Illusive Arts Entertainment announced the official release date for their newest publication, Tony Loco. As readers can discover in the October Previews, the bi-monthly comic will have a street date of December 6, 2006, with a cover price of $3.50.

Tony Loco tells the story of Tony Cabrera, a brooding mute who has suffered for twenty years, rotting in a mental institution while his hometown descends into corruption and despair. Hope arrives in the form of a new social worker who discovers clues to Tony’s past. Now Tony must confront his enemies, both inside and out. But are they ordinary men, or something far more dangerous? Good thing his trusty stuffed elephant gives him courage against the darkness.

Anna Warren Boersig, Chief Operating Officer for Illusive Arts Entertainment, feels that Tony Loco is the natural choice for their second book. “[Mark Teague and Derek McCaw's] use of multi-media to create lush and vivid scenes echoes what we're doing with our current series, Dorothy. The story is actually witty and sweet. I thought, ‘How could we not publish this?”

A western horror tale of madness and justice, Tony Loco spawned from artist and filmmaker Mark Teague’s experiences as an orderly in a mental institution. After completing his first film, Superguy: Behind the Cape, Teague wrote a Tony Loco screenplay, adding his inside knowledge to his love of Sergio Leone films and superheroes. In the back of his head, though, Teague also wanted to find a way to explore one of his earliest passions: comics.

Enter writer Derek McCaw. Batting around ideas last spring, the pair hit upon a way to transform Tony Loco into an ongoing comic book series. For years, they had been looking for a project on which to collaborate. Tony opened all the right mental doors.

It must have been fate. Shortly after returning to Northern California to work on the comic book pitch, McCaw learned that Illusive Arts Entertainment, publisher of Dorothy, was accepting new material. He sent an inquiry, finished the first issue's script and gathered all the art samples he could get from Teague.

It worked.

“This is the right project for Teague and me to start our collaboration,” says McCaw, “and we’re absolutely with the right people.”


Mark Teague: In his Hollywood career, Mark Teague has worn many hats (and tights). After an early career in comics, Teague became an animator for several studios including Disney, Marvel and Universal. However, he proved he could do it all by writing, directing, producing and starring in the critically acclaimed mockumentary SuperGuy: Behind The Cape, released on DVD by Razor Digital and Creative Light Entertainment.

In addition for Creative Light, he worked as graphic art director and animator for Mark Hamill’s Comic Book: The Movie and as a production designer on Jekyll. Teague flew the Creative coop to form his own Godspeed Studios, an effects house that has worked onhorror films for Lionsgate, as well as animation for Bravo, MTV and BET. For more information, visit www.superguy.net and www.godspeedstudios.us

Derek McCaw: Founder and editor-in-chief of the pop culture website Fanboy Planet, Derek McCaw works as a high school teacher, actor and freelance writer. He has worked with the comedy groups ComedySportz San Jose and Mumblypeg, and written several short plays produced in San Jose, California and Austin, Texas. Yet the dream has always been to turn comic book writer.


Illusive Arts Entertainment, LLC, publishers of the critically-dug Dorothy, is a multimedia dream factory, dedicated to publishing creative lies and renegade truths by any means necessary. For more information, visit www.illusivearts.com

If you're a retailer interested in an ashcan copy, or for more information, contact:

Anna Warren Boersig

Remember that Diamond Previews order code (in the October Previews): OCT063538

Derek McCaw

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