Sex and the City

July 1 Episode

"Baby Talk is Cheap"

Another excellent episode, starting out on a high (or make that hard) note as the girls try out the newest fad in NYC, fake erect nipples. To quote Samantha, "Nipples are in." Miranda pops them on at a party as an experiment and they all watch the guys go ga-ga.


Would you wear fake nipples?


Miranda finds a cute male running buddy who is into "tukos-lingus," or butt-licking. Not sure if she likes it or not, she suspects she's behind in the sex scene, so to speak. Watching Miranda's expressions during her rendevous is hysterical, especially as her buddy sticks his butt into her face during a massage. Miranda's dilemma leads to some interesting discussions about how sex trends start and spread, since ass definitely seems to be in, specifically "localized butt," as she defines it. One last interesting bit that gets tossed in, but is not dwelled upon: Steve kisses Miranda after an informal "friends foursome" with Carrie, Aiden, Steve, and Miranda (Carrie's clever plan to be able to see Aiden with Miranda as her "airbag.)" Will more Steve action spring from this?



After trying out the fake nipples, Sam finds they attract a different sort of guy, namely one who likes baby talk in bed. It's interesting that Sam can talk down and dirty with the best of them, but "titty-witties" turns her off faster than another bath with Maria. Perhaps we are seeing an evolution of Samantha, or a maturation. It's looking like gratuitous, relationship-free sex is getting more and more difficult to find these days. She was never this picky before.



Woohoo! After much flip flopping, Aiden and Carrie get back together, against Aiden's better judgement. She broke his heart, but how can he resist our Carrie when she tells him she still loves him? Outstanding chick-flick material as they make passionate love and fulfill the audience's desire for true love and a happy ending. But this is the City. You know she's going to mess it up again, you just don't know how or when. John Corbett's Aiden has got to be the most lovable, sweetest guy on TV. However, as we all know, the nice guys always get screwed over by women, it's a law of physics.



Trey and Charlotte decide to try for a baby, since they are getting along so well now. It's amazing what a little redecorating can do for a relationship. When they invite married friends with kids over for dinner, a reality check sets in as they witness the havoc that kids can wreak on a marriage, but they overcome it by the end of the show. Lots of indications that Char will get prego in the next episode or so, and it will be interesting to see what monkey wrenches this throws into her relationship with the other three. An interesting insight about Charlotte: we learn she's OK with tukos-lingus. This surprising bit of info amazes her friends and fans, considering she had great angst several seasons ago about becoming an "up-the-butt" girl.



Lots of clingy, low cut dresses that are just made for flaunting those faux nips. The gowns also provide easy access to toss the tips before your partner finds out your little secret, as Samantha demonstrates in a textbook faux-nip seduction scene.


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