Sex and the City

June 17 Episode

"What’s Sex Got to Do with It"

A five star episode, filled with everything we love about this show. Recommend watching the replays to see it again later this week.



This episode compresses the last year of Charlotte and Trey’s entire relationship into the state of his penis. When he asks her to measure it, she’s just not going to stand for it, alrighty. It’s a clever bit of writing that mirrors how people often worry about what their lover will think, but Sex flips it around: Does it like me? Only John Thomas knows for sure. Char throws a tantrum in the shower and marches out full of soap suds to tell Trey that it’s over. She’s sick of his penis running her life and they either act like man and wife and live together or get divorced and finish it off. A nice clean take down. Trey comes around the next day and asks her to remarry him, living together and everything. We’ll see how long this lasts, since Trey is just full of surprises. John Thomas, too.



Miranda goes on a sex strike (since she’s not getting any anyway) and substitutes chocolate for nookie. Her sudden obsession with eclairs, cakes, etc. doesn’t ring too true, since she has never revealed any food obsessions prior to this episode, but it was still amusing. Her mantra "No More Bad Dates" is a good one.



Sam learns that sex with women is very different than sex with men, when she attempts to go down on Maria with abandon. Maria tries to teach her the difference between sex and making love. The heavy message is lightened considerably as we follow Samantha’s journey through first discovery that she’s not the best lay in town in this arena through an anatomy lesson with Maria. Funniest moment in the show: Maria comes forcefully and has a female ejaculation in Sam’s face, to which Sam inquires, "Is that good?" Inspired writing here, although where these people come with these story lines is a mystery.


Have you ever witnessed female ejaculation first hand?

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Lots of skin with Ray and lots of mindblowing sex for Carrie. Oops, she forgot to have a relationship, though. In fact, she can’t even hold a conversation with him, he’s so all over the place. She realizes he has ADD, but enjoys the sex while it lasts. The question to ponder: can you have long term sex without a relationship? Probably a no for Carrie, but we may see Ray again, perhaps for a booty call. Ray is a great character, sort of a human jazz scat.



Carrie’s black underwear steal the show.


Next Episode

"Ghost Town" – hint: Steve’s back. June 24

Sidney Long

Reviewed: Storm Riders by John Vo (Updated 6-14-01, 4:23 PM PST)
Once again, the Vo-Man takes a look at the artform of his people.

Sex and the City by Sidney Long (Updated 6-14-01, 4:36 PM PST)
Because we all love closeups of Macintosh screens.
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