Sex and the City
June 10 Episode

"Defining Moments"

Sex is still slow to heat up this season, but this third episode is an improvement over last week's dull season opener. This week offers lots of relationship definition and thoughts on throwing limits away.

Charlotte and Trey get it on in public. A lot. In taxis, at parties, public bathrooms, etc. This is a new twist on Trey only wanting Char when he can't have her, but Charlotte finally puts her foot down and demands bed locations for nookie. Can Trey get it up in a normal bed? Find out next week. Last week he did it on her leg. Eeeeewwww. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of this relationship. Charlotte wants definition (are we married? Are we not married?), and I'm beginning to agree with her. We need something truly new with this pair or at least truly funny.

Funniest subplot of this episode: Miranda dating a guy who pees in front of her. This leads to her peeing in front of him (brave girl), with a finale of him taking a dump with the door open. Too much intimacy for Miranda, who freaks. The look on her face is priceless. Maybe too much intimacy for a lot of people. I thought it was funny, but my s/o thought it went too far. The cat wandering out of the fart laden bathroom was a nice touch. Apparently, performing bodily functions in front of others is still an unexplored frontier for many.

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New love for Samantha! A sensual female artist (Sonia Braga) falls in love with Sam. Throughout the episode, Sam does the "I'm not a relationship person" thing, but gives in the end. This leads to musings about whether Samantha is a closet lesbian and never knew it. I personally doubt it, although I'd like to see her matched against the "Power Lesbians" from two seasons ago (one of my favorite episodes). A nice big lipsmacker kiss happens between the two ladies at the end. I always wonder about mega amounts of smeared lipstick in these cases, though. Sort of spoils the moment. This vignette also boasts a nice hand washing scene after Sam plays fingerpaints with la sexy artista. Sonia Braga and Kim Catrall both make a strong statement about the confident sexuality of women over 40.

New love for Carrie! While out on a non-date with Big (whose relationship remains a mystery to all, including Carrie), she meets a terrific jazz musician/club owner (Ray). This guy is too cool. Sort of like a Blues Brother that is actually good looking. Go Carrie! We avidly await steamy bedroom scenes with this hottie. Hey HBO, how about a little male nudity here? But what about Big? He's jealous. Will Big mess up Carrie's new relationship? He's trying. Bad Big. We don't root for you anymore.

Carrie's dresses are fabulous in this episode. Her fluffy skirts are an engineering marvel. No good shoe scenes, though.

Next Episode
"What's Sex Got to Do with It?"
June 17

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