Drunken Master 2
Starring: Jackie Chan, Ken Lo, Anita Mui
Directed by: Lau Kar Leung
Running Time: 101 mins.
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese, English

While traveling with his father on a train heading home, Wong Fei Hung (Chan) decides to hide some ginseng in the luggage of some British passengers in order to avoid paying taxes. Later, while going to retrieve the ginseng, he catches a man stealing an identical looking package and a fight ensues resulting in the inadvertant swapping of the packages. Wong Fei Hung discovers that the package he currently possesses contains the Emperor's Jade Seal.

The Jade Seal is just one of many priceless artifacts stolen by the British foreigners in a plot to smuggle Chinese treasures out of the country. Wong Fei Hung and his comrades uncover the plan and plot to stop the round-eye devils. What follows are incredible fight sequences, comedy, and a finale that is...well, HOT HOT HOT!

Jackie Chan was 40 years old when he made this movie and you would never know it. In fact, this is one of Chan's best movies. The fight sequences are extraordinary as we see some of the best Drunken Style martial arts ever captured on film. The original Drunken Master--directed by Yuen Woo Ping--is considered to be Chan's breakout performance and this sequel, although having nothing to do with the first, is just as good in every way.

Ken Lo (Chan's real-life bodyguard) possesses out-of-this-world kicking abilities and his final fight sequence with Chan can be described as nothing less than breathtaking. Every character in this movie is wonderful, from Anita Mui as his comical stepmother to Ti Lung as his stern father. Furthermore, martial arts fans will enjoy a cameo from the film's director Lau Kar Leung, who is a genuine disciple of one of the real Wong Fei Hung's students.

There is nothing bad that can be said about Drunken Master 2 EXCEPT that Miramax butchered it and released it domestically as The Legend of the Drunken Master. Do not settle for the imitation and get your hands on the original version with the original ending. If you can only see one Jackie Chan movie in your life, then you have a sorry life. Drunken Master II will make it a little better.

How much is it worth? Drunken Master II is priceless yet can be had on DVD in it's original letterbox format for the low, low price you see below. Bottoms up!

Where to buy:

HKFlix.com: $24.99
PokerIndustries.com: $24.99

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