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Comic-Con 2010:
Saturday - Day 3

Saturday Outside pics here

The day was sunny, the convention center was full, and so half of us spent our time outside to see how things had spilled into the Gaslamp District. The rest got in line about 7 a.m. for Hall H -- and while, yes, an abrupt moment of violence did halt proceedings for about forty minutes, it was still a pretty good day to be a Comic-Con attendee.

There's something really arresting about seeing these two so large above your heads...
and apparently, the panel was very fun, with Milla Jovovich revisting her catchphrase "multipass."

A bit of shameless self-promotion, perhaps, in that I got to sit down with Bela Lugosi, Jr. to talk to him about
Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave, in which I have a story.

Hawkgirl in a rare moment of not guarding the panelists at DC Nation...

Jasika Nicole giving us the rundown on Season 3 of Fringe...

Chi McBride keeping good spirits while in the midst of Comic-Con and crazier, the press.

Len Wein (creator of The Human Target for DC Comics)
getting some attention, and conspicuously reminding everyone of his most enduring creation...

Danny Husk spent the day at Comic-Con --
his adventures will be available starting November 1st in comics shops everywhere through IDW.

Harrison Ford joined Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde -- she's everywhere! --
onstage to promote Cowboys & Aliens.
(photo by Stephanie Rodriguez)

Pics from Day 1 (Thursday) Here

Pics from Day 2 (Friday) Here



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