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Comic-Con 2010:
Thursday - Day One

Pics from Preview Night here.

It was the first official full day, which began with waiting in line for Hall H and ended celebrating Machete with Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. In between, quite a lot of interesting things to do and see, including news on TRON: Legacy and The Haunted Mansion.

But for now, some of the pictures we snapped while walking around...

(photos by Ric Bretschneider, Derek McCaw and Stephanie Rodriguez)

Optimus Prime invites passers-by to the Marriott,
where "The Hub" awaits. A new network created by Hasbro and Discovery Channel,
it launches 10/10/10.

It's spread out everywhere... not only is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World advertised on the hotel,
you can walk across the street to a temporary t-shirt shop.
So far, no Sex Ba-Bomb shirt, Mario.

The Convention can not be contained in the Center...

Heck, it's even escaping from people's HEADS...

...and, as rumored, Angelina Jolie joined the ever-growing list of celebrities you never thought would show up but did....

Today belonged to TRON, though... here a booth participant models the latest digital fashions....

Gentle Giant Studios features this life-sized replica that doesn't move all that fast.
In fact, it doesn't move at all.

Toynami offers up Tiny Nightmares.
They're not in my hotel room.

They've got this exclusive light-up (and talking!) action figure for sale...

Toynami offers this beautiful Christopher Reeve replica, but it's huge.

At last, the power battery feels complete...

Is Freddy Krueger scarier as a woman? YOU be the judge.

Michael Cera makes an eleventh hour bid to play Captain America...




Derek McCaw



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