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Comic-Con 2010:
Saturday - Day 3

Pics from Preview Night here.

The day was sunny, the convention center was full, and so half of us spent our time outside to see how things had spilled into the Gaslamp District. The rest got in line about 7 a.m. for Hall H -- and while, yes, an abrupt moment of violence did halt proceedings for about forty minutes, it was still a pretty good day to be a Comic-Con attendee.

Across the street, we had "The Scott Pilgrim Experience" -- it's like Disneyland, only with free garlic bread.

And by "like Disneyland," I mean that the line is deceptively hidden and wrapping around...
so far, no Sex Ba-Bomb t-shirt, Mario.

The experience -- get a t-shirt made, make a flip book, play some games...

Near the "Experience" -- a Black Hawk Helicopter that has starred in many movies and Tom Clancy-inspired dreams...

Men wandered the streets dressed as Tyrese's "Mayhem" -- pushing the costume for Halloween.
No, seriously. And let that be the last time we mention Mayhem until the next time it makes us laugh.

Don't you get it? After three hours in line, we are the Walking Dead...

Getting closer to the center, and this Fandango Friend
reminds us we might want to go to the movies where it's less crowded... but nowhere near as fun.

Pics from Day 1 (Thursday) Here

Pics from Day 2 (Friday) Here



Derek McCaw



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