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"Hi Kids. I'm the custodian."

PPV Recap, kinda
So I sit down Sunday afternoon at 3:00 and call my local cable company (whose name rhymes with Gay-T & T) to order King of the Ring. An hour and a half later, I am still listening to hold music. The pizza dude has come and gone and my guests are starting to arrive. I give up and hang up.

Sorry to say your wrestling reporter did not get to see King of the Ring. Instead we watched Beyond the Mat, the definitive wrestling movie, and treated it as if it were a Pay-Per-View. If you've never seen it, here are the results. Mike Modest beat Tony Jones in a ho-hum opener. Steve Austin attacked Vince McMahon. Bret Hart pinned Terry Funk in a "Terry must retire for 3 weeks" match. The Rock defeated Mankind in a brutal "I Quit" match and Jake Roberts lost to crack. Screw you, Gay-T & T.

King of the Ring Aftermath
King of the Ring must have been a brutal Pay-Per-View considering the amount of injuries that happened. Both Steve Austin and Kurt Angle suffered injuries at King of the Ring and were taken to a hospital after the PPV. Angle suffered what is thought to be a broken tailbone. Also, Angle took a shot to the head in his King of the Ring semifinal match against Christian that really rung his bell. Angle was out on his feet in the first match but managed to finish his match and fight two more later in the evening. Steve Austin suffered a possible broken hand and complained of soreness after his match. The injury occurred during Booker T's run in when Booker put Austin through the table at ringside. Has Booker T screwed his chance at being a big star in the WWF/WCW by possibly hurting Stone Cold? I'd be soiling my pants with fear right about now if I were Booker. Last, it was no secret that Chris Benoit has been wrestling with a pinched nerve in his neck the last few weeks and was going to need time off after King of the Ring to heal. This is probably why the WWF backed off on their push of Benoit and Jericho last Monday and Thursday. WWF.com has confirmed that Chris Benoit will be operated on this week and is expected to be out of action for 3-6 months. WWF.com says it's not known at this time if Benoit will appear on Raw tonight.

Bye Bye Chyna
Here is what Jim Ross had to say about Chyna in his Ross Report on Friday, "The Federation has ceased contract negotiations with Chyna and they will not resume. Chyna's contract expires on November 30 and we wish her continued success. Her contributions to the Federation will be long remembered and are much appreciated." A number of things can be speculated from this statement. Did Chyna's Playboy success go to her head and now she's asking for too much money? Is the WWF using the Ross Report as a negotiation tactic? November seems like a long time for talks to not resume. Is Chyna the first victim of the WWF being the only wrestling company around? Wrestlers no longer have the threat of jumping to a different company to use when it's time to talk money. Only time will tell. If Chyna is smart then she knows that once women leave the WWF their career is as good as dead.

Ross also wrote, "WCW staffing needs are being addressed and many agents and referees will be retained in the next week or so. Arn Anderson, Ricky Santana and Dave Finley were at our last TV's and will be back this week, as well, to observe. I would expect that next week's TV will have more WCW content than we have seen previously, but I could be wrong. From what I understand, the broadcaster positions for WCW are being addressed, also."

Monday Nitro on TNN
As time passes it looks more and more like the WWF will be turning the Raw timeslot over to a WCW show. They have been unable to secure a good timeslot on another night so they may have to sacrifice a WWF show to give WCW a chance of surviving. It's a good move if they do it. That would mean that Smackdown! Will be live every Thursday and Heat on Sunday could go back to being a good show! This will also help prevent the overexposure of the WWF product, which they occasionally suffer.

Monday Night Raw Preview
Raw is live tonight from Madison Square Garden. The WWF always goes out of their way to make the MSG shows special and tonight they have plenty of potential tricks up their sleeve to use. Not only are they coming off a PPV high from last night, they need to start setting up for their next PPV in July. The WWF was actively promoting July's "Fully Loaded" PPV last night during the King of the Ring. They are doing this even there are already print ads and tickets sold that call the PPV "Invasion." Big surprises in the works? I should think so.

The King has Returned?
Those wacky guys over at the Wrestling Observer reported that Jerry "The King" Lawler has re-signed with the WWF over the weekend. However, The King himself denied the rumor and even said that his denial wasn't just a denial to keep the signing a surprise. So, the question is, who's lying? The possibility exists that neither of them are lying. With Chyna on thin ice with the WWF and since Chyna was the rumored main force behind the dismissal of The Kat (Jerry's wife) it's possible that WCW, err…the WWF would be willing to mend fences with The King in order to bring him back on board as a commentator for the new WCW. This is another "time will tell" situation.

That's enough for today. Catch you all on Wednesday where I promise to utter the phrase, "Remember kids, only retarded people like The Big Show."

Michael Goodson

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