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"Ahhhh, No!"

Welcome to the re-launch of Chairshots. No longer are we under the thumb of Daily Radar. Now we can say **ck all we want to. Oh, damn. The asterisks are still there.

Well, **ck it. Let's get to some wrestling news.

RAW Thoughts
If you didn't love Monday Night Raw this week then you should really become a fan of Curling and stop reading this column. A solid undercard was topped off with an outstanding main event. I'm hoping Benoit wins the title at the next PPV and Kurt Angle becomes the number one contender. These two can light it up. Plus any show where Steve Austin demonstrates how angry he is by stuffing his mouth full of carrots and broccoli is a winner in my book. On the down side, I thought the whole opening 3 way diatribe with Foley, Linda and Regal was a bit dull. Even Saturn, who has been entertaining the last few weeks, had an off match. Unfortunately ratings didn't reflect how good Raw was…

Ratings news
Ratings for Monday dropped from the previous week proving, well, nothing. Raw drew a 4.1 overall rating, averaging 3.3 million cable households. The show began with a low 3.3 first quarter rating, and grew to a 3.7 and a 4.1 the next two quarters, then dipped to a 4.0. The second hour began with a show-high 4.5 rating, then the audience dipped 0.1 each of the next three quarters, then rebounded back to a 4.5 for the overrun. I really hope the WWF doesn't over react to this news and stop the push of Benoit or Jericho.

WCW on Smackdown
I won't give away any details but the hotty formerly known as Miss Hancock in WCW makes her debut in the WWF this Thursday. She will be known by her real name Stacy Keibler while in the WWF. She will be known by her nickname, Sex Kitten, should I ever meet her.

The Brain to the WWF?
Bobby Heenan was on Wrestlethis Radio Monday and was asked about the possibility of him returning to the WWF. He said that he had discussed the possibility with the WWF, but that they wanted to get everything settled with the plans for WCW before they hire people. Seems logical, and yet it could just be the nice way of telling The Brain "no."

WWF Fires a Writer
"Darrell", who was a new WWF creative staff member working on production of vignettes was already let go by the promotion. He was rubbing many wrestlers the wrong way. A new staff member, Alex "Hard to pronounce Last Name" Albohontes has been added to the creative staff as an intern/writer's assistant type.

DDP to the WWF, Soon
Contrary to other reports, Diamond Dallas Page has not signed his WWF contract. In fact, he is still under contract to Time Warner. However, he is expected to take a buy out and join the WWF. He's getting old and can't waste time sitting around at home. He needs to be in the public eye and by joining the new WWF-owned WCW will only help his career.

Quick Thought
Several other wrestling columnists are predicting a disappointing ending to the "Who's Stalking Undertaker's Wife" story. They have mentioned other WWF surprise let downs including the "Higher Power" storylines from a few years ago. I'm not saying the WWF can't blow this one too, but the "Higher Power" storyline was written by Vince "no talent" Russo.

That's enough for now. Talk to you all again on Friday.

Michael Goodson


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Chair Shots by Michael Goodson (Updated 6-18-01, 2:11 PM PST)
It still has that Monday morning freshness.

Chair Shots by Michael Goodson (Updated 6-15-01, 5:59 PM PST)
The Grand opening and yet it's my second column.

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