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Snakes On A Fanboy Planet, Part 4:
Continuing An Intimate Conversation With Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson on MTV.
Notice the logo on his shirt sleeve...
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Press: How do you feel about the internet being so influential in the process of this film?

Samuel L. Jackson: I think it's cool. I mean, it's the next step in what's going to happen anyway. There's so many things that people are aware of because of the information highway, that for a film like this it's great that somebody listened and heard them.

Most of the time people who wear suits and sit in offices have no idea what's going on in the real world with people who want to see a film or what the expectations are. Fortunately for New Line, this kind of happened and was out of hand before they were even aware of it. So fan demands made them understand, number one, what they had, and number two, that it was okay to have a film like this and that it's okay to say it's worthy of your attention. And not just try to sneak it in under the radar.

I think that eventually there are going to be films that are like this or that are of a certain genre that some smart person will invite that kind of input on the film. Okay, I have an idea for a film. Here's my idea. How do you think this should play out? Who do you think should be in it? How long do you think it should be? Should it be one part, two parts or three parts?

The interaction from the fans will fuel the whole thing, and those people will feel like they're such a part of it that if you got a dollar from all those people you could make the film. You'd have the longest producers trailer ever. Just run it real fast.

Press: What comics have you been reading lately?

Samuel L. Jackson: You know, I haven't been in a comics store (for a while), because I couldn't find one in Calgary. What's the last thing I bought? A new issue of 100 Bullets. That's the last thing I read.

Press: Seeing downstairs must just be a tease.

Samuel L. Jackson: I know, man, I can't even go down and SEE! I wanted to go through the Dark Horse booth to see what they had, but I can't even get (on the floor).

Coming oh so soon...
Press: What about your involvement in Afro Samurai?

Samuel L. Jackson: I've done preliminary voice-overs for it. I think they've completed the first two episodes. Episode three might be almost done.

I ran into Bob last night - Bob Okazaki, the creator - and he's finally done the first comic book, which is great news. I was constantly emailing him, "more pages, Bob, more pages…" but he's been so busy doing all kinds of stuff.

Hopefully, they've identified the person - well, they said they had a first draft of the live action film. I had a real thrill last night, because I got to meet the director of Akumi, which is one of my favorite Japanese films that's finally going to get released in America.

Hopefully, we can get him on board and get him to be the guy that's directing it and supervising the live action version of Afro Samurai, which would be awesome.

Press: Is there room for a sequel to Snakes On A Plane?

Samuel L. Jackson: I don't know. We were trying to figure that out last night, having dinner and laughing about it. I don't know what that is. I don't know what the vehicle is that kind of puts you in the situation of a plane that you can't really get off, you can't really do anything about it, and if anything goes wrong you can't really land it.

Press: There's already a knock-off video, Snakes On A Train.

Samuel L. Jackson: But that's about some woman with snakes inside her body or some s***.

We were laughing because there was that whole real life something about mice that they found on an American Airlines plane that was being serviced. They were eating the wires; they could bring it down. Maybe we could do something with rats on a plane.

The tag line on that would be, "where the f***'s a snake when you need one?"

(everybody laughs)

Press: You mentioned loving these kinds of movies as a kid. What was your favorite one?

Samuel L. Jackson: Hmm.

Press: Or even now?

It's actually Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
But are YOU going to tell the Man that?
Samuel L. Jackson: Yes. Even now. I still watch crap. (laughs)

Frankenstein Meets Wolfman, even Abbott and Costello Meet The Wolfman. I love those things. They're great films. Saturday afternoon escapism. Attack of the 50-Foot Woman

I'm not a huge Godzilla fan. I mean, I can watch it. But it always looked like a dude in a rubber suit.

Press: Do you think audiences are sophisticated enough to enjoy that style of film again?

Samuel L. Jackson: I think so. If they're presented in the right way and you don't treat them like it's a very serious moment in cinematic history. That we've created the best CG spiders you've ever seen, the new Arachnophobia. It's just hype. Get a bunch of spiders and ants together. Throw 'em on something.

It's not like the old days when you're watching The Naked Prey. It's an interesting kind of movie with giant ants biting the knees off people. The Naked Jungle, not The Naked Prey. That was with Cornel Wilde, running away from a brother.

Press: Why do you fear not working so much?

Samuel L. Jackson: 'Cuz my wife's still shopping.

Then we all switched interview subjects. Fear not -- though he complained twice in our interview about not being able to get on the Con floor, I have it on good authority from the guys at Dark Horse that Samuel L. Jackson did reach their booth. But that's their story to tell, not mine...

Derek McCaw

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