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Snakes On A Fanboy Planet, Part 3:
Continuing An Intimate Conversation With Samuel L. Jackson

From Black Snake Moan...
Part 1

, Part 2

We talk a bit about what the near future holds for Samuel L. Jackson, including his work on Afro Samurai (yes, gentle readers -- that was me looking out for you, as well as the Nick Fury question).

Press: Are you doing any horror films after this one?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yeah. Starting Monday (July 24) in London. I'm in Room 1408. I'll be in London Monday afternoon. Working.

Press: So after Black Snake Moan, will you try to complete a snake trilogy?

Samuel L. Jackson: I don't know. There's no snakes in Black Snake Moan.

Press: How about Nick Fury?

Samuel L. Jackson: You know, I was just looking at that. Interestingly enough, I was looking at a trade magazine, and they had all these characters that hadn't been done. There was Iron Man and Nick Fury. All of a sudden Nick Fury's white again.

Press: I hadn't noticed that.

Samuel L. Jackson: He was in this thing that I just looked at. Last year, he was me with a patch over his eye and a big scar. Now that they want to make a movie, he's a white dude again. So I don't know.

Press: How did you feel about them drawing Nick Fury to look like you?

Here to save your freedoms.
Samuel L. Jackson: That's cool. I loved Nick Fury, back when I was a kid and he was a Howlin' Commando. He was just a war dude and all of a sudden he looks like me and I was, okay, I could do that.

It was even more fun to read him saying, well, if somebody was going to play me in a movie it would be Samuel L. Jackson. Okay.

Press: So you would?

Samuel L. Jackson: No doubt about it.

Press: What else is up for you?

Samuel L. Jackson: When I finish Room 1408, I'm going into Jumper.

Press: What drives you to work so hard?

Samuel L. Jackson: There aren't that many acting opportunities for actors. I take the ones that are out there for me. Movies just happen to come right behind the other, so I do them.

I do have that healthy actor fear of never working again that drives me, so I just tend to go to work. I like it. It's not a hard job, actually.

Press: Really?

Samuel L. Jackson: I'd recommend it to a lot of people.

From Black Snake Moan...
Press: Are you going to make a cameo in Quentin Tarantino's part of Grindhouse?

Samuel L. Jackson: I don't know. The girl movie? Is that the one they're doing now?

Press: Yes, Planet Terror is his half of the film. (Editor's note: And we were wrong. Death Proof is Quentin Tarantino's half of the film. We hadn't slept much. Forgive us.)

Samuel L. Jackson: Oh, I know what you're talking about. But I don't know. I haven't heard from Quentin. I keep running into all these girls that are playing killers in some movie with Quentin. They're all learning to be me. Rosario Dawson said she was learning my laugh, for some reason.

Press: How'd you feel about the fans wanting your trademark line in Snakes On A Plane?

Samuel L. Jackson: Makes sense to me. I said it before we even got to that point. Before the film was actually R. I said, "really? I'm not going to say this? Come on! At all?"

Because you only get two f***s in a PG film, and they both have to be non-sexual. I think they'd used one before I got there, so they only had one left. They didn't quite know how to make that work.

Part Four: Still More Future of Samuel L. Jackson...

Derek McCaw

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