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Snakes On A Fanboy Planet, Part 2:
Continuing An Intimate Conversation With Samuel L. Jackson

Trapped by a pack of Press Corps...
Part 1

The press moves forward in talking to Samuel L. Jackson about Snakes On A Plane, and what it says about his status as a serious actor...

Press: Do you approach a character like this in the same way as you would any other character?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yeah, sure. I take the situation seriously. (sighs in exasperation) Yeah. I know who Neville Flynn is. I know his background as an FBI agent, what kind of agent he's been, and why he's after this particular bad guy. What his experiences are. How he feels about snakes. How he feels about his partner. All those different things.

The most important things is that when you do a film like this you have poisonous snakes that people can identify, that they know as poisonous, mostly cobras and rattlesnakes and things like that. Then you introduce them to some exotic things that they don't know about that kill people even quicker.

Then you have great victims on the plane. You have people they want to see dead, and people they don't want to see dead. Then people are interested in it, wondering how that guy is going to die.

It's that combination of things that makes this movie great. It's a real shame that a lot of people can't remember when they were kids and they went to a movie that didn't necessarily have to be On The Waterfront or Gone With The Wind. You went to a movie to see Frankenstein chase people, or the Wolfman chase people. Or big spiders jump out of stuff.

It's a Saturday afternoon movie. I feel sorry for all those people who question my integrity for even doing a film like this.

Press: Who questioned it?

Samuel L. Jackson: A lot of people. Online, offline, critics - I don't know. People do. I've read that stuff, and it's fine. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, but it's a sad state of affairs when you want to tell me that an actor of my status shouldn't do films like that.

I'm an actor. I do the kinds of films that I want to do. I enjoyed going to movies and watching movies like that when I was a kid.

Even down to last year when we got to Vancouver and we were seeing all the scripts and the chairs and everything that came out and said Pacific Flight 121. "What is this?" "Well, you know, they don't want to give away too much."


I'm sorry, but I think you do. The point of this is snakes on a plane. Remember that other movie you did? Freddy Vs. Jason. Not "bad guy from one movie versus one guy from another film. Freddy Vs. Jason. You know exactly what you're going to get here. Alien Vs Predator. Okay? Snakes. On a. Plane.

Press: How do you feel about this not getting screened for the press? Or do you think it even needs to?

Samuel L. Jackson: It doesn't need to. The only thing that can happen is people will say bad things about it. Everybody knows that the people that love it know what they're gonna get. There's no need for somebody going to see it and saying, aw, it's just people getting bitten by snakes on a plane.

Yeah? Okay.

That's what it is. It doesn't need to be reviewed. It doesn't need "it's great" or "it's horrible." Who cares? It's a 2006 Roger Corman movie. Let's go see it.

Part Three: The Future of Samuel L. Jackson...

Derek McCaw

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