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Wizard World Los Angeles 2007:
Gallery 2 - The Celebrities

Once again, Jeffrey Berman, screenwriter, photographer and ridiculously nice guy has helped Fanboy Planet out with images from 2007's Wizard World Los Angeles.

Welcome to the madness.

"They bought those rumors about the Teen Wolf remake..."

Why was David Faustino there? Why not?

Does Marc Silvestri know Razorclaw now fights for the IFL?

Never mind -- he's writing an epistle to his solicitor even now...

Marc Singer wonders where Hodo and Podo are...

Why is Onslaught Reborn behind schedule?
Liefeld keeps forgetting to use a pencil when he draws...

Ed Brubaker, minutes before someone yelled,
"Hey! That's the guy that killed Captain America!"

Gallery 1

Gallery 3 - Costumes


Jeffrey Berman


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