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Wondercon 2006: Saturday

Visual impressions of the day that Hollywood hit, and Masquerade means a lot of cosplay walking around...

The line snaked around the block and into my brother's apartment down the street.
At one point, the fire marshal ordered that the Con temporarily stop letting people into the exhibit hall.

They made it in...being dead has its privileges...

A stormtrooper taunts a woman looking longingly inside...

Three things could get you through the walls: power ring, teleportation or being the Press.
Mario Anima is grateful for his power ring.

Someone stepped on the Pink Panther's tail.
Someone must have seen the new movie.

I have absolutely no idea who this costume represents...

Once again proving that on Fanboy Planet, worlds collide...

Is he a robot? Is he a monster? Is he tired of waiting for the next panel to begin?

Wondercon Friday Gallery 1

Wondercon Friday Gallery 2

Wondercon Friday Gallery 3

Wondercon Saturday Gallery 5

Derek McCaw


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