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Comic-Con 2006: Women of Comic-Con
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1, Friday 2, Saturday

Jeffrey Berman and Michael Goodson captured some lovelies -- and we separate them out because some of you seem to prefer it that way. For shame. For SHAME.


Do these colors exist in nature?

Thanks for the support

Gigi Edgley from Farscape

Marley Shelton and Rose McGowan promoting Grindhouse

Random barbarians

I can't be sure, but she does look an awful lot like the Grimm Fairy Tales version.
That's a pretty short ruffly skirt...

Are you spongebobworthy?

Sydney Poitier and Rosario Dawson, also promoting Grindhouse

Ah. Now I know why all the young boys play this World of Warcraft...

Because she is absolutely worth running on as many of our pages as possible.

Derek McCaw


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