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Comic-Con 2005: Day 3
Something For Everyone...

We welcome you and your money.
It's been three days? With the lack of amount of sleep everyone has been getting, it has to be at least five...

Saturday has traditionally been the busiest day of the Convention, and thus it is the one day of the year that we envy Peter Parker his clones. For television fans, just about anything and everything genre related made an appearance, as every network tried to convince us that we would love how they treat us this year.

Both DC and Marvel held their major roundtable discussions of the weekend, but almost everything of note that they could announce had already been shared with Wizard. Sure, fans liked the chance to talk about future projects, but instead of gasps of surprise, everything was met with polite applause. No buzz seemed able to take hold -- not even the Eisners had people terribly excited, though both Joe Quesada and Bob Wayne did their best to tout those that had won for their respective companies.

The Convention has become a golf tournament.

He has returned to his people.
Then there's Hollywood, which sucked me in this morning. Having panicked at the size of the line yesterday before accepting the size of Hall H, I knew to achieve a zen-like calm when approaching. As it happened, convention security also knew better how to move everyone along today, and very soon the room was packed with excited fans hoping for their first glimpse of Superman Returns.

Director Bryan Singer flew in from Australia, still in the middle of filming. But he felt very strongly that because this was Comic-Con and this was Superman, he needed to appear before the fans and show them that he loves the character, too. Once again, I'll write up a more detailed report, but for now, I'll admit that I had skepticism going in and nothing but eager anticipation going out. Really, the extremely cool "S" shield pin Warner gave out at the DC Direct booth served only as a bonus.

Sharp-eyed congoers could also notice a movie teaser poster appeared sometime after Friday night. Singer himself had not yet seen it and was taken aback when an audience member complimented him on it.

Jason Mical, pushing the Pirates.
Before ducking into a few panels, I wandered the floor and stopped by Wiz Kids, the makers of Hero Clix, to see what they might have that would make me wish I had more money. There Wiz Kids publicist Jason Mical steered me towards their Pirate game, which I am bound and determined to figure out this week. The Wiz Kids booth also had the European edition of Indy Clix for sale, which meant a shot at some rare pieces. Naturally their hot item of the summer was the Phoenix figure, which dealers already had for sale for upwards of $120.

At 1, I spent a little time with Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim and the graphic novels Creature Tech and Earthboy Jacobus. This weekend saw the debut of his new show on Nickelodeon, Catscratch, and since we at Fanboy Planet are sensitive to children's entertainment, I had to check it out. The episode screened featured some top voice-over talent and was really funny. Doug will be following up with us for an interview sometime over the next week or so.

No, I don't know when Kevin Smith will finish the Green Hornet script.
After bouncing from Marvel to Nickelodeon to DC, it became apparent that a late night spent hanging with some of the Warner animation staff had taken its toll.

As I stumbled over to a shuttle bus, I ran into long-time FBP friend James Gunn, who had come to the Con to present a panel for the new film he wrote and directed, Slither. Our woman at the panel Erin Frost reported that it looked "creepy," which is probably the intent. And ladies, it stars Nathan Fillion. Yes, Captain Hotpants will be a little more down-to-earth fighting mutants.

I didn't know it at the time. All I knew was that food and sleep were needed, because Saturday night I would meet a long-time idol -- Bruce Campbell. Yes, the hardest working man in show business had a busy night of meet and greets with fans, starting with a party to celebrate the upcoming THQ videogame Evil Dead: Regeneration.

From there, Bruce had to host two successive screenings of Man with the Screaming Brain. "Had" might be too strong a word, because it is clear that despite a rather snarky screen persona, Bruce really does appreciate where he is and the people that have brought him there.

I mentioned Mario's piece last month, and Campbell smiled, saying he had fond memories of Campbell. Though I admitted I hadn't yet seen the movie, I had been enjoying the comic book. He nodded and praised Dark Horse for a while before submitting to the attentions of several people younger, prettier and more female than myself.

If the Haunted Mansion had a house band...
THQ threw a really great party, with several plasma screens set up to play the videogame on every platform. You could even play at the bar, as long as the bartenders didn't distract you. The incredibly fun surf rock band The Headless Hearsemen provided "spine tingling sounds of the spooky-delict," At one point lead singer Norman Howls insisted that everyone "get down," literally, and refusing to go on until we had all squatted on the floor. True to form, Campbell resisted the exhortations of the ghostly lead singer, but as the guest of honor, he could do that.

Erin has a review of the game -- incomplete and soundless as our experiences were in the din of the party.

Finally, then, it was time to sleep.

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Derek McCaw


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