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Comic-Con 2004: Day 4 Photo Gallery

As seems to happen each year, by the time Sunday rolls around, we're pretty tapped out. Still, we managed to pull in to the Convention Floor in order to complete that Disney Comics' booth Donald Duck car (I'll explain later), say farewells to Mark Hamill and the Comic Book: The Movie crew and get roped in to showing some reality stars the glory that is the DC booth. (More on that later, too.)

I also took Mark Teague to meet Scott Kurtz of PvP. Since Scott is a huge fan of CB:TM, claiming to have watched it a hundred times, it seemed only appropriate that he should meet the artist behind almost all of the actual comic book imagery in the film.

But enough of that for now. I've been on the road all day, and now have some pictures to share.

What sucks about the Comic-Con is finding new stuff you want badly,
knowing you have nowhere to put it.
For example, these Goon PVC figures coming out in September.

Or this helmet.
My head's too big, and it won't help
me walk through walls anyway.

The San Diego Con wouldn't be the same without Alvin.
Unfortunately, a band of Klingons killed and ate him near the Master Replicas booth.

(l. to r.) Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, Roger Rose, Jess Harnell and Inkpot Award Winner Mark Hamill
sign autographs.

Why does Goofy look so... EVIL?!?

Josh from Big Brother gets in touch with his inner Amazon Princess.

Preview Night

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3, part 1

Day 3, part 2

Derek McCaw


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