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Comic-Con 2004: Preview Night Photo Gallery

We had a few pictures that were too good to wait on, so here's a little first night bonus. Heck, we'll probably do this every night, since a picture is worth a thousand words and by Friday night we're too tired to type.

An upcoming sculpt of Michael Turner's Supergirl.
Can you hear Sting singing "Don't fly so close to me?"

Psycho Pirate, from DC Direct's Crisis On Infinite Earths line.
Most of the rest of the proposed figures are still just that -- proposed.
Notice Harbinger, getting a figure right after getting killed.

This guy claimed to be doing a Wiz Kids promotion --
we'll find out more. But for now, it's the coolest costume we've seen.

This haunting statue actually advertises the Batman Collectible Card Game.
But it weeps to take your money...

It may be wrong, but it feels so right.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Derek McCaw


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