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The Two
original air-date: 09-28-03

Be Kind. Rewind: You know the drill. Sloane assembled the Rambaldi device. Syd and faux Francie fought. Syd woke up in Hong Kong two years later with Vaughn married. Feel free to insert frustrated expletives here.

It's been a long summer. The waiting, the anticipation nearly did this fan in. But, thank the TV gods above the day has finally arrived. Alias is back and if the season premiere is any indicator, this season looks to be one hell of a ride for both Sydney and all her loyal viewers.

The episode picks up right where The Telling left off with Syd and Vaughn sitting in the safe house in Hong Kong. Sydney can't believe her ears. Vaughn explains that there was a fire at her apartment and that remains with her DNA were found. In a flashback we see a devastated Vaughn laying on the ground near what we assume were Sydney's "remains". Vaughn also goes on to tell her that he's a teacher now and that the CIA has sent him to bring her back.

Sydney paces the room for a bit and then she launches on Vaughn, saying that he can't really be who he says he is and that she wants to know who he's working for. Syd escapes and fights off some guards only to be stabbed, whoops! I mean shot in the back with a tranquilizer dart by Vaughn.

Syd then wakes up in a hospital with Dixon by her side. He explains that it really was Vaughn in Hong Kong and that he was telling the truth. Sydney starts asking questions: Where's Will? Where's her father? Dixon says that she must have a million questions and she says she wishes she only had a million. Loved it, great line in an episode that is filled with them.

Weiss walks in, says hi to Sydney and takes his boss outside. Behind the glass door, as Sydney watches, he tells Dixon that a CIA asset named Kingsley is in danger of being intercepted by a group called the Covenant. Dixon tells Weiss to get Kingsley off the train at the next stop. Then he goes back into the room and tells Sydney some devastating news: her father has been in jail for almost a year.

Then we switch gears. We see Kingsley on the train. Everything seems to be fine until some guys with guns start shooting everyone in sight. One Russian guy finally gets his hands on Kingsley and asks him where the chip is. He says it's in his shoe, but the chip is not a match for whatever he's looking for. Russian guy kills Kingsley and, after rifling through his pockets, finds the much sought after chip, which contains the blueprints for a drone.

Syd wakes up in her hospital bed, with Weiss by her side, and says that she remembers where she's been.

Dixon brings Syd to the CIA headquarters where she runs into Marshall who, being Marshall, thinks that Sydney doesn't remember him. He speaks slowly and tells her about himself (he wrote her a poem!) and she just hugs him and says that of course she remembers him. Carrie Bowman is back and she has big news: she's pregnant!

With Marshall's baby!

But they're not married, and it seems to be a sore issue for the couple. Apparently, Marshall wants to get married, but Carrie has issues with wedlock (maybe because it has the word lock in it?) Anyway, this storyline has definite potential to be one of the season's best, and funniest, subplots. It's going to be a riot to see how Marshall handles the role of proud papa.

Next, we meet Robert Lindsey. The NSC liaison is not only working with the CIA to find out what this Covenant is up to, he's also the guy that put Jack in jail. Wow, is it any wonder that we hate him already? Sydney tells them that she remembers the building they are going to raid. As a result, they want to her to accompany Weiss on the mission to Paris. Syd agrees to go, but only on one condition: they let her see her father.

And see him she does. A bearded Jack Bristow greets his daughter, with a glass wall between them, by saying "Sweetheart, you look so beautiful." It was just such a loving scene, and all of the emotions, all of the relief that a father would feel after seeing his daughter for the first time in two years is right there in Victor Garber's eyes. It is a complete injustice that a man that can convey so much without using words could be robbed of an Emmy win, but, hey, the Academy sucks so what do you expect?

They talk and Jack tells Sydney that he knew she was alive and that she must continue the work that he started in trying to find out what happened to her. He says that she needs to get the CIA's trust back; that she needs to go to Paris.

Naturally, things go badly in Paris. Members of the Covenant attack the team. Only Syd and Weiss narrowly escape death, after which Syd tells Weiss that she has never been to the building and that she lip read the conversation that he had with Dixon outside her hospital room to get the information she needed to see her father. Now she needs some kind of leverage, something to win back the CIA's trust and spring Jack from jail. She needs a contact to find out who Russian Guy is and get the chip back from him. Weiss says he has an idea, but that she won't like it.

He tells her to go visit Sloane in Zurich, who is now a CIA consultant and working for an agency of the World Health Organization. Apparently, he negotiated a pardon and does things like cancer research now.

Syd goes, and Sloane hands over the Intel, but she doesn't believe Arvin's good guy act. When he asks her to remember that he loved her, she slams him down on his desk and says she knows that he had something to do with her disappearance. Sloane tells her that everything has changed since she's been gone and that the Rambaldi device delivered a message when he assembled it; one word and that word was "peace." Apparently, Sloane had an epiphany and realized all the wrong that he'd done in his life.

Um, let me take a moment to deliver my one word message concerning Sloane's status: BULL. There's no way Sloane has stopped his dastardly deeds, especially when he's running something connected to medical research. Twenty bucks says it's all a front, but only time will tell.

Spy Girl, refusing to accept any more of Sloane's help, gets in touch with one of her old contacts who tells her where Russian Guy is. He says she'll need back up to go after him, but, in classic Sydney style, she says that all she'll need is clothes. And, in a smoking red dress, Syd takes out Russian Guy and gets the chip back in record time.

She takes the chip to Dixon's office, where she tells Lindsey that if he doesn't get her father out of jail then she will destroy the chip with her handy dandy mini-blow torch. Lindsey reluctantly agrees to this while a smiling Dixon looks on. Right on, Sydney.

Vaughn reappears and tells Syd that he wanted to see how she was. In the best speech of the episode, Sydney completely tells the Boy Scout off. If a single scene ever proved that Jennifer Garner was worthy of all the praise that is bestowed upon her, this is it. The raw emotion that Sydney feels just rolls off of her in waves. Sydney's anger, her frustration is written all over Garner's face and at that moment the audience can feel all the pain, all the hurt she is experiencing from being betrayed by the man that she loved. And even though Vaughn's moving on can be seen as completely rational, you can't watch that scene without feeling complete and utter sympathy for Sydney. And, for that, Ms. Garner must be given all the credit.

In the final scenes, Jack and Sydney are reunited, but with a frightening revelation for Syd.

We didn't get all the answers. Hell, we barely got any answers, but that wasn't the point. It was about setting up a season that is sure to be filled with twists and turns and a journey into the past. This episode may not be the most exciting, but it was solid, suspenseful and wonderfully written. There was no Will, no Irina, and no Sark, but for once their absence wasn't acutely felt.

Now more than ever this show is about Sydney Bristow. J.J. Abrams isn't going to let his heroine sit around and bemoan her loss; he's going to let her kick everyone's ass while she searches for the answer to where she's been for two years. One thing is for sure: Spy Girl is back and she's mad as hell. Oh, what fun this is going to be to watch.

Rebecca Sparling

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