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Second Double / The Telling
original air-date: 05-04-03

I never thought that series creator JJ Abrams could infuriate, shock, and amaze fans any more than he did when he turned the show completely on its head by taking down SD-6 and killing off Francie during this year's post Super-Bowl episode "Phase One".

Boy, was I ever wrong.

In recent memory there hasn't been a season finale as frustrating or as fascinating as this since the second season ender of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even that didn't leave fans as confused or intrigued as this two hour event did.

It's hard to talk about these episodes without talking about the last two mind-blowing minutes. However, the other 118 minutes were incredible and deserve attention as well.

The whole Will part of the storyline was great. Bradley Cooper, whose character is often hated by Syd/Vaughn fans because he's viewed as a rival, deserves major props for his performance in the finale. Cooper ran the gamut of emotions during these two hours and did so with such ease that it was a pleasure to watch. He proved that Will can be so much more than just the lovesick best friend that he's played for the last two years (and that he can hold his own with a rifle). He also delivered the best, and most heartbreaking line of the night when he told Sydney that knowing her has ruined his life.

And, perhaps most importantly, he didn't die! Yeah he got stabbed, but he didn't die! Thank god! Will has been through so much crap during these two seasons that killing him off would have been the obvious and easy thing to do, and Lord knows that JJ doesn't like to do things the easy way.

Faux Francie was finally revealed as the double, and we found out that she's Sark's girlfriend (an interesting development). And, though she made it clear to Sark that she didn't care about Will, she kissed him and cried after she stabbed him…guess even evil doubles have feelings for the people that they sleep with.

We also learned that Evil Francie/Allison was a part of the government's Project Christmas campaign and that she was supposed to have died in a bus accident when she was a little girl. Makes you wonder who was taking care of her during all of that time and how she became involved with Sloane and Sark.

The fight between Sydney and Allison was cool as hell and it was great seeing Merrin play an all out bad guy for the first time. I'm kind of hoping that she survives the three gunshot wounds that Syd gave her so that we can see more of her next season. It doesn't look likely, but, hey, people come back from the dead all the time on this show so you never know.

Other great moments included Irina's jump off of that building and then blasting the windows of a floor out so she could escape the CIA, Marshall telling Weiss about his date with Carrie, Jack telling Kendall that he's not cut out for management and that he belongs in the field (you're damn right he does!), and Will confessing that his password to login to his CIA account is "Sydney".

The Rambaldi stuff was, once again, confusing and we really got no concrete answers about what the device that Sloane finally put together really is or what Sydney's part in the prophecy will be, but, then again, I wasn't really expecting any solid explanations.

Speaking of things that I wasn't really expecting…let's talk about the ending, shall we? The Syd/Allison fight ends with our favorite Syd girl lying unconscious on the floor of her apartment.

Then the shot changes and we see Syd lying in an alleyway in Hong Kong. She doesn't know what she's doing there, so she calls the CIA and Kendall asks her if she still knows where their safe house is. She says that of course she does and when she gets there she's told to wait for her contact to explain what's going on. As she does, we see her inspect a scar on her lower abdomen, looking at it as if she's never seen it before.

Finally Vaughn comes in and Syd is relieved to see him. But… something's wrong, very, very wrong.

He explains that she's been missing since the night of the fight in her apartment and that everyone thought she was dead. Vaughn tells her that they brought him back to try to explain things, but his emotions get the better of him and he runs a hand through his hair. Sydney notices a wedding band on his finger and when she questions him about it, he tells her that she's been gone for almost two years.

There's so much to discuss, so many questions left unanswered, so many possibilities to consider and that's what makes this one of the most amazing cliffhangers ever. People will be talking about this for months, speculating about what could have happened to Sydney, what happened to everyone else in her absence, and who the hell Vaughn went and married. A mere twenty four hours later theories ranging from "it's all just a dream" to the idea that Rambaldi device is a time machine that transported Syd to the future are already running rampant on the Internet.

With an ending like this it's hard to tell whether Mr. Abrams is a crack genius or simply on crack. He has, once again, shaken the entire premise of his show to its very core. What this will mean for the future of our favorite spy drama is yet to be seen. It could end up being one of the most brilliant turns a show has taken in a long time or it could be a complete and utter disaster.

However, two things are certain:

1) There has not been a season finale as suspenseful or as daring as this one in a long time, making one of the best episodes of TV this season.

2) It's going to be a VERY long summer.

Rebecca Sparling

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