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ALIAS: A Dark Turn by Rebecca Sparling (07-28-03)
The parents take to the center stage and, as all good TV spies should, to the bedroom...

ALIAS: Firebomb by Rebecca Sparling (07-22-03)
Sydney disguised as an old woman...this covers TWO of Goodson's fantasies in one...

ALIAS: The Getaway by Rebecca Sparling (07-14-03)
Hey, are the teacups really that bad?

ALIAS: The Abduction by Rebecca Sparling (07-07-03)
Move it, people, move it -- Hollywood Legend guest-starring here...

ALIAS: The Counteragent by Rebecca Sparling (07-01-03)
Making massages a source of terror for men everywhere...

ALIAS: Salvation by Rebecca Sparling (06-24-03)
Nothing like posing as father and daughter to bring a father and daughter together...

ALIAS: The Indicator by Rebecca Sparling (06-03-03)
Hmm...love the blonde wig...

ALIAS: Dead Drop by Rebecca Sparling (05-29-03)
Still dead in the water over here. But oh, how I love pulling wires.

ALIAS: Second Double / The Telling by Rebecca Sparling (05-06-03)
Two episodes in one night...and fans are still screaming about it on a Tuesday...

ALIAS: Countdown by Rebecca Sparling (04-28-03)
Suddenly, Sydney fights just like Elektra Natchios...

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