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Cheyenne Silver Update!
Shooting Finished on The Villikon Chronicles - Genesis of Evil

The new logo for the new title.
  Since so many people have written asking for status on the health of Cheyenne Silver, whom we interviewed a couple of years ago, I've been in contact with Bryan J. Kinnaird, her mentor, for a few months.

Today, after I queried how the production on his film starring Cheyenne (now back to her birth name, Cara) was doing, he sent me back this exclusive information and some pretty good pictures from the set.

Enjoy, and know that Cara seems well recovered and perhaps the retitled Genesis of Evil will give her mainstream career the boost it needs. It also doesn't hurt that she gets co-executive producer's credit, something I didn't know before. Sure, it sounds like a cliche, but she truly is a sweet person who before the accident occasionally took the time to contact Fanboy Planet and see how the site was doing.

On a side note, I think that the new title has a nice directness to it that shouldn't confuse potential moviegoers in the way that Disciples of Dido might have. Sure, the original title was a wee bit more literate, but would also have brought in people looking for the British popstar. Good change, guys. Seriously.

some greenscreen work
photo by Mark Greenawalt
From YK Productions:

After nearly a year and a half, principal photography finished on the long-awaited film adaptation of the cult classic graphic novel series THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES. Through travesties, tragedies, script changes, and cast additions, filming wrapped in June 2006.

Cara Fawn (a.k.a Cheyenne Silver) returned to finish the production after the near-death experience she suffered late last year. For the first time it is being announced here at Fanboy Planet that Cheyenne Silver has gone back to her real name, Cara Fawn. Previous production titles were also scrapped in favor of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: GENESIS OF EVIL.

*Fanboy Planet has obtained EXCLUSIVE excerpts from "Thank You's" that went out to cast and crew after the completion of principal photography...


Dear Cast and Crew,

I would like to thank you all for joining this venture and dedicating yourselves to the advancement of bringing a motion picture adaptation of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES to life. The canvas of a theatrical movie screen is where I always envisioned it would be.

...I’ve appreciated the supportive camaraderie amongst all departments through the many different chapters this production has written during the course of nearly 10 years.

Again, through the professionalism and sincere investment of time, talents, creative expression, dedication, patience, work ethic, attention to details, donations, diligence to your crafts, and true passion for filmmaking, we’ve observed a transformation of ideas. A story and its artwork born before our very eyes into what will be a visually stunning achievement, and after all, isn't that what it's all about?

Bryan J. Kinnaird
YK Productions/Silent Nemesis Workshop, LLC
Executive Producer “The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil”
Writer-Creator “The Villikon Chronicles”

I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work on this project. Filmmaking is by nature a collaborative effort, and this could not have been accomplished without all of your combined talents. You've done something extraordinary...

There is always a high and then a lull after principal photography. Everyone gets excited about how well things went, and then there are long periods where it seems nothing is happening... the website will reflect the the new title of the film and some behind the scenes stuff in a few weeks...

I'll keep you updated, as we finish each stage.

Shian Storm
Director “The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil”

To a most excellent cast and crew! It has been my greatest honor and privilege to work with such remarkable and talented people. None of this would be possible without the combined efforts of all. Together, we’ve made history and birthed a miracle at the same time. The Miracle is a SFI-FI story that against all odds came into being... It lives because you all beleived it could be real, despite the adversity or the seeming unrealistic ambition of what was possible...You represent the best things in people. Your actions and performances represent nothing short of the highest degrees of professionalism and superior abilities. I will remember these days forever...

Roy Young
YK Productions/Silent Nemesis Workshop, LLC
Co-Producer/Production Designer “The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil”

I too would like to express my gratitude - it is truly amazing to see how immensely The Villikon Chronicles has grown - from a few creative minds with imaginations vast enough to see a much greater picture... to a team of true professionals who have chosen to see the vision, and have had faith enough to become part of a legend. You will not regret your hard work and hours of endurance... Thank you. I have really enjoyed coming back to filming, working and sharing memories that will last forever.

Cara Fawn
a.k.a. Cheyenne Silver
Co-Executive Producer/ "Mystere"
“The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil”

Shane Scott Stevens and Cara Fawn
photo by Mark Greenawalt


Directed by

Shian Storm

Produced by

Tonia Madenford

Written by

Bryan J. Kinnaird

Adapted from the Motion Picture Screenplays


by Bryan J. Kinnaird

Based on “THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES” Graphic Novel Series

Created by Bryan J. Kinnaird with Artwork by Roy Young

Executive Producer

Bryan J. Kinnaird

Co-Executive Producer

Webb Pickersgill

Lynnette Brooks
photograph by Mark Greenawalt

Co-Executive Producer

Cheyenne Silver


Roy Young

Steve Wargo

Mark Greenawalt

Director of Photography

Alex Mitchell

Lynnette Brooks


Sector Lieutenant Amanza Rezectar / Bremusa

Shane Scott Stevens as

Lord Jasta

and starring

Cara Fawn




Shane Dean as

Commander Malcolm Vismal

Heather Phillips as


Garth Williams as

Commodore of Science Simon Magnus

Christina Leigh as

2nd Commander Tabina Tanzer

John Dollard as

High Admiral Nefarious Skryton


Aaron Ginn-Forsberg as Sentinel Zy

John Stevens as Sentinel Rol’vag



Derek McCaw

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