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Model/Actress Cheyenne Silver In Accident
Villikon Chronicles filming put on hold...
Cheyenne Recovering! updated 2/12/06

Clowning around with actress Christine Postorino.
I did a foolish thing yesterday. When I received the following press release and photos from Bryan J. Kinnaird's production company, I glanced over the pictures and then sent a congratulatory note that filming seemed to be going so well.

Then I read the actual release. Cheyenne Silver, the star of Mystere and the Disciples of Dido, has been in a terrible accident. These aren't photos of a film shoot going on swimmingly; right now these are photos of hope that a beautiful young woman will recover and be able to continue realizing her dreams.

We interviewed Cheyenne a couple of years ago, of course, in what has proven to be one of our most popular articles. She was kind and gracious, eager to embrace fandom in what can be the overwhelming environment of Comic-Con. In the years since, she occasionally dropped a note to let us know how her career in the mainstream was going. Getting Mystere off the ground was clearly a high point for her.

All photographs are courtesy of El Cajon Media, taken by Thomas Skinner, including this bonus shot of Cheyenne in costume that may not be appropriate for all of our readers.

Thanks, Bryan, for letting us know. To our readers, please pay careful note that Bryan will forward all good wishes to Cheyenne during her recuperation.

From YK Productions:

On December 12th, 2005, model actress Cheyenne Silver was involved in a serious automobile accident, which resulted in severe fractures across her skull, below the brain, and behind the eyes (including the main blood vessels to the eyes.) With severe bleeding in the brain, she was airlifted to a trauma center in Englewood, Colorado.

Early December 13, 2005, Cheyenne went into emergency surgery to relieve pressure to her brain. In a procedure requiring a section of her skull to be removed, the pressure was relieved. Her face was bruised as a result of numerous facial fractures but doctors say the bones have not moved. Her right eye socket is broken, and a neck break was later diagnosed as a simple fracture. She was coherent after surgery and was closely watched for 48 hrs. before she was moved to the ICU.

Dramatic on the set...
"Be strong and heal fast... that's what Mystere would do. All our thoughts are with you, the entire cast and crew of The Villikon Chronicles film, and fans across the world."

The production was scheduled to return from hiatus January 2006. Postponement was the most obvious decision. Where does this leave the unfinished film? Cheyenne Silver has entertained and promoted the VC comic book series since 2001. Cheyenne Silver joined the promotion circuit after the release of the books and inspired the poster series. Cheyenne Silver is recuperating and this film will see its intended audience to become the catapult for a highly anticipated franchise.

It has been said, "instead of weeping when a tragedy occurs in a songbird's life, it sings away its grief." As creator and executive producer of The Villikon Chronicles, and on behalf of the entire cast and crew, we will follow the same pattern and brace ourselves for this one supreme effort. A lot of great talent - talent who have all sacrificed a lot of living and dreaming for the cause of adapting this story for a big screen release of what will truly be a spectacle for audiences to behold...

Director Shian Storm and the entire cast and crew are still as dedicated as ever, and as Cheyenne Silver endures through this tragic incident, join us in expressing our deepest concerns for her welfare . Letters to Cheyenne Silver can be sent to ykproductions@email.com for forwarding.

-- Bryan J. Kinnaird

A shot from the film -- a trailer was produced in November.

Derek McCaw

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