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Jon Favreau's Iron Man Gets A Nick Fury?
Get These M&$@*!in' Hydra Agents Off The Helicarrier!

That's not David Hasselhoff...
According to Ain't It Cool News, a high profile actor begins a short stint filming a cameo for Iron Man today. Heck, superhero movies have cameos all over the place. This one's crucial because, since Iron Man marks the first official Marvel Studios production, it can establish characters that can move from film to film, property to property, and pave the way for their Avengers film.

It also makes a lot of sense for this character to appear in Iron Man, as when he entered the modern-day Marvel Universe, Tony Stark was there. Of course, this is actually his Ultimate appearance -- for if Moriarty at AICN is right, today's the day that Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, appears in a big-screen project. And the guy playing him? Well, let's say it's no stretch, and that in an interview with Fanboy Planet last summer, he said he'd love to do the role.

Looks like he got his way.

This won't be Nick Fury's first live-action appearance; that distinction actually went for a Fox TV movie starring David Hasselhoff. Picture that for a moment, and be glad that Jon Favreau will shoot this without irony, and give us the righteous Fury we want.


Derek McCaw


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