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Can Even The World's Greatest Superheroes
Survive Hollywood?

Haven't we been here before?
Variety reports today that Warner Brothers has commissioned a script for a feature film version of Justice League. (They also illustrate their article with the cover of Justice League Unlimited #15, which features Vibe -- let's hope that's not an omen.) Apparently a rewrite of Mr. & Mrs. Smith impressed Warner execs, and they tapped the husband and wife screenwriting team of Michele and Kieran Mulroney to tackle the World's Greatest Superheroes.

Not only is it the first movement the feature film division has made on a Justice League film, it also comes as somewhat of a surprise. Though a few years ago the studio had seriously considered a Superman vs. Batman film, to be directed by Wolfgang Peterson, that got shelved when the company decided it was better to keep their franchises separate.

So what sparked the change of heart, assuming that they plan to use their Big Three? (Let's assume Wonder Woman gets her solo film by the time this project gets seriously rolling.)

First off, consider the success of Smallville this season. The popularity of that series really helped push Superman Returns, and this year, of course, a version of the Justice League has been a running subplot.

On the other side of the comics wars, Marvel Studios has not only been churning out films (and potential franchises) based on A, B and C level characters, they've been working on a team-up film with The Avengers. You could also argue that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer really serves as one franchise launching another.

What Warner Brothers wisely has not mentioned is exactly which characters will be used. With The Flash ramping up under Shaun Levy, we can probably figure they'd want to use that character, maybe even before Levy's film gets underway. For years, Green Lantern has been rumored to be in development. As long as they don't use Catwoman, I think we're okay.

However, and this is just wishful thinking, if Warner goes with the biggest guns in the DC arsenal, they could own whichever summer they get it going.

Derek McCaw

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