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Night At The Flash Museum   

What, me worry about Shaun Levy?
On the heels of David S. Goyer posting on his MySpace that he was no longer writing and directing The Flash for Warner Brothers, the Hollywood Reporter announced his replacement.

Director Shawn Levy now commands the Flash and will oversee a new screenplay. Perhaps some elements of Goyer's take will be used in the new script, but that has not been confirmed. Though Levy, best known for comedies, claims The Flash won't be a comedy, he did say he's going for a lighter tone than Batman Begins or Superman Returns.

On top of the world right now thanks to his work on Night at the Museum, Levy also directed the Cheaper by the Dozen remake and The Pink Panther remake, both starring Steve Martin. It's safe to say that his sensibilities vastly differ from Goyer, who wrote the Blade films and Batman Begins.

Before anybody gets outraged, though, remember that the Flash is a character that should be more fun than Batman and Superman. Depending on which secret identity the film uses, he could even be a little on the goofy side, especially in an origin story. No matter how we get worked up, he's not really an iconic character; he's just recognizable. Smallville has used Bart Allen in the role, and at one point the WB (now CW) considered doing a television pilot for the Flash completely altering his origin.

Does that make Levy the right guy for the job? He's certainly not a director with clear tastes like Bryan Singer, Christopher Nolan or even Goyer. Though Levy has directed a couple of high profile projects, most of his experience has been in episodic television. After the mixed response to Superman Returns, the powers that be at Warner Brothers may have decided that's just what they want -- someone that they can mold a bit and shape the story to a broadbase appeal rather than an artistic vision.

It's not art, but Warner has to have noted that Bret Ratner made a lot more money with X3: The Last Stand, a film without much of the series' fabled depth, than Singer ever did with the franchise. This might also explain why they let Joss Whedon go from Wonder Woman.

A couple of years ago, DC had been looking to hire someone to act as advocate for their characters within the studio, to serve the same basic function as Avi Arad was for Marvel. If someone does have that job, it looks like they're not doing much fighting, with DC properties stalled at two major franchises, while Marvel has three coming out this year alone. (Of those three, only one has a director that most would agree has a singular vision -- Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 3.)

Get rolling, Warner Brothers. Just don't give us another Catwoman.

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Derek McCaw

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