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Hal Jordan Rolls Over In His Grave...
Jack Black signs to play Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern: The Movie

posted 7-16-04

Sinestro's laughing, too...

This rumor has been floating around for a few days, and today we got confirmation that it is absolutely true. Paul Levitz announced to the DC staff that Jack Black has signed on to play artist Kyle Rayner in the new Warner Brothers' comedy, Green Lantern.

Yep. Comedy.

From anecdotal evidence, it's long been obvious that the film division of Time-Warner has never had a clue about Green Lantern. Geoff Johns is just one of many who have told the frightening tale of a development meeting in which an executive asked if they really needed the ring. But this -- wow.

Said to be a wacky comedy along the lines of The Mask, so far no production date has been set, as Black first has to play the role of Carl Denham in Peter Jackson's King Kong, and DC has to figure out a way to politely tell their corporate masters "Thank you, sir, may I have another?"

As far as anyone knows at this point, this does not alter plans for Geoff Johns' upcoming mini-series that will return Hal Jordan to life and see him become Green Lantern again. It's clear that unlike the thinking at Marvel Comics, it doesn't much matter to Warner if the comic books resemble the movies...especially since the comic books are so much better.

...which reminds me, I see Catwoman on Tuesday.

Derek McCaw

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