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Three Out of Four Ain't Bad ...They're Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic, in armor, stretching his shoulder blades...
It's no rumor anymore. Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter ran with the story today that three people have been cast as members of the Fantastic Four for the Fox/Marvel production currently slated for summer 2005.

Confirming what the internet had been buzzing for a while, Michael Chiklis of FX's The Shield has landed the role of Benjamin J. Grimm, the ever-lovin' Thing. Can the intense Detective Mackey handle the comedy that will no doubt leaven the action? Chiklis did make his screen debut as John Belushi in Wired, became The Commish and spent a season as Daddy-O. Let us not hold that last one against him.

Word had leaked last week that Ioan Gruffudd was the front-runner for the role of Reed Richards, a bit of a surprise after names like George Clooney and Tim Robbins had been
Flame on?
mentioned. But if the film is indeed going for something a little more between the regular comic book and the Ultimate team, Gruffudd makes sense. Indeed, the trade papers confirmed him today. Of course, you can check him out this week as Lancelot in King Arthur, but in some households (okay, mine) he may be best known as Cruella DeVille's nemesis in 102 Dalmatians.

Teen movie lurker Chris Evans has been cast as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. So far he has shown the right mix of cockiness and likability, even if it has been in movies like The Perfect Score and Not Another Teen Movie.

Still no actress for the role of The Invisible Woman, Susan Storm-Richards. Rich Johnston of Lying In The Gutters claimed Elisha Cuthbert was a lock, but Variety counters with Jessica Alba still under consideration, competing against Keri Russell and our pick, Rachel McAdams.

Stay tuned. 

Derek McCaw

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