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Doctor Doom May Have A Secret -- Victoria's Secret
New Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

He has Johnny Storm's swagger and charm..

This morning, Fox sent Fanboy Planet a cease-and-desist order asking us to take down a two-sentence plot synopsis for the Fantastic Four reboot that we found on a casting site.

We did so, noting that even though Director Josh Trank had debunked the synopsis, asking us to remove it sort of makes it sound like it's the real thing.

Well, upon following up, we discovered the casting site also has removed the synopsis, noting that it no longer reflects the direction Fox is taking with the property.

So breathe a sigh of relief, right?

About to be big through Divergent..

Today the Hollywood Reporter breaks news that Fox is holding screen tests this week, speculating on a variety of front-runners for each role. Michael B. Jordan remains Johnny Storm -- that is 98% fact, due to Fox exercising an option they had after distributing Trank's previous film, Chronicle. He's a good actor, so... okay.

Supposedly insiders have Miles Teller as a front-runner for Reed Richards, but at this point that only means he has tested. For Susan Storm, Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum are allegedly competing, and I'll put my money on Emmy Rossum in order for Fox to get Lon Lopez to put twelve dollars down at the box office.

As for Ben Grimm, rumored to be a completely CG character, or at least we'll presume once he becomes the Thing, an actor named Christian Cooke has tested. A quick look-up on IMDB shames me -- I didn't see the recent Romeo and Juliet, in which he played Mercutio, so he's probably got a pretty good voice and could make an impact in all CG. He also guest-starred in a two-part episode of Doctor Who, so the Whovians can identify and... well, I found a picture of the guy.
MY knees just got weak.

Pardon my saying this, but much to my own disbelief, holy crap does he have Ben Grimm's adorable baby blues or WHAT?!?!?!?

Ahem. So actually, that's pretty good.

However, Cooke and Teller are pretty young actors, which means... they still sort of fit that debunked synopsis.

But that's not where it's really going to cause fans' heads to explode.

It looks like Dr. Doom will be the villain, And THR's sources say "...the studio is likely to go for a big name and isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role."

The big name makes sense -- fill the heroes' roles with relative unknowns who are cheap, and for those who need the star power, make it the villain. But Victoria Von Doom? That seems hard to wrap our heads around, but kudos to the actress who is willing to bury her face under prosthetic scarring and metal mask. I'm just not sure who that would be unless -- Dame Judi Dench would kick the Fantastic Four's asses all the way back to 1963.
Susan Storm OR Victoria Von Doom, thus leaving a generation of comics fans terribly conflicted?

Derek McCaw

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