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Mail Call Today's Date:

Hey! Even after culling out all the offers to give me free Viagra and a better mortgage rate (not to mention a lot of smacking of body parts upon other body parts), we still got a lot of letters this week!

Marvel Comics: Only The Lonely...

I notice that part of the "new direction" for Thunderbolts is to dress the girls in "ho" outfits.

--David Busby

This has long been a Marvel tactic that only partially accounts for the high popularity of cover artist Greg Horn, and definitely accounts for selling all the copies of Marville that weren't purchased by Bill Jemas himself. Coming soon: Marvel After Dark.

Remember that Marvel President Jemas often refers to Elektra as their Saturday night date book for lonely fanboys. I'd be offended if I wasn't afraid it just might be true.

Pulling Out The Encyclopedia

Can you send me a complete list of Arch-enemies in Marvel? Thank you.

--Jon Begin

Yipes. This is either a job for Kurt Busiek or someone with all the Marvel HeroClix, which I suspect may be the reason for your question.

Kids, please remember to be specific in your asking questions of us, and that for many questions, we may be asking Jeeves just like you could.

However, Jon, if this is about HeroClix, my recommendations are the WizKids site or HeroClix Realms, which is a pretty cool place to go to hang out with other addicts of the game.

Not that we're addicted...

Hey! I Do Know The Answer To This One!

Hello, I googled Beautiful Killer and your site came up. What can you tell me about Beautiful Killer in terms of the life of the issues and how many there are? I was told that it was a new book, but by the sounds of the reviews of the books it seems like it's already done.

--Neally Strickland

Beautiful Killer was a three-issue mini-series that wrapped up a couple of months ago. Created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto, it was a product of Wizard Entertainment's comics line, Black Bull. Which itself seems rather quiet lately...

Anyway, the mini-series did end with the promise of more to come, and a film adaptation is in development, slated to star Jessica Alba. Talk about your Saturday night...

Reaching Out To Oz...

(in Australia)..we have virtually no wrestling on TV here any more :( .

Vinnie Mac, in all his wisdom, decided to double his asking price for episodes in the new contract and was told to get stuffed. We now have UFC in its place *sigh* so I need you guys more than ever.

You ARE my wrestling fix! Thanks for all the hard work. Had it not been for you I would never have known about Firefly, a magnificent show that will probably never make it to Aussie TV.

--Arian from the Corner Pub

We are always happy to serve the global community. It's a bummer to hear that Australia won't be getting Wrestlemania XIX (subtle plug for our contest).

As for Firefly, many of us mourn it as well. The good captain of that ship, Nathan Fillion, is now free to cause trouble for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as it was announced today that he has been cast for the final five-episode arc. Fillion will play a defrocked preacher who has allied himself with demons.

Kingdom Heartseses?

Hi. I have a question about Kingdom Hearts. I've beaten the game and watched the ending about 3 times, so i definitely know theres gonna be a sequel...but how many?

A friend just told me that she read in a magazine that there will be 6-9 sequels. I'm not a big sequel fan,but do you know if this is true?


I turned this one over to Mish'al Samman, lover of all games Japanese. Mish'al played the sequel during his trip to Japan last December. When I found him in his cubicle, he was heavy-lidded and slack-jawed, but your question stirred something within him.

"Squaresoft is the king of sequels," he rumbled, "but the real question is...will Disney okay more?"

To which I respond, Disney will okay anything that will keep Mickey in cheddar, if you know what I mean. So count on there being as many sequels to Kingdom Hearts as the public will buy. Me? I'm still trying to finish up Spider-Man: The Movie for PS2. It rocks; I suck.

And Now, The Exchange I Thought We'd Never Have...

Re: Soul Survivors: You said if anyone could explain who got killed at the beginning they should tell you.

The chick that got killed at the beginning is not what matters. Seeing the creepy long-haired guy and the "Deathmask" guy slit this chick's wrist is what the point is. This scene helps give insight into why they are after Cassie, to kill her. As far as I can tell, this was the only point that scene made.

...except that those two guys don't actually exist...

They totally do exist. Everything up to the point of the car crash is reality.

Now she didn't make it to class but she made it to campus (the scene at the beginning before they go to the club). So the fact that she was dreaming about the campus in detail makes sense because she was familiar with it.

The part that becomes a part of the dream is when you first see her in class looking out the window. That is where the confusion starts for most people too, but you absolutely have to see this film multiple times to grasp it.

Is life that long?

I hated, let me repeat HATED that movie the first time I saw it and thought I got ripped for the $3.50 I spent on renting it. But for some reason, I gave it a few more chances and now I appreciate the film and feel that it was rather well done.

The two scary guys died in the crash along with Annabelle and Matt. Raven, the lesbo chick that gets it on with Eliza Dushku, was actually still alive up until the end when she grabs Cassie's hand and she tells her, "Don't be afraid, you have to fight." and then she dies.

Raven, whose presence was utterly confusing to me initially, is actually stuck in between with Cassie. That is why when she goes in her apartment, she tells her that Sean is there and he's afraid she's in trouble. Sean is there, there is the hospital, and Cassie is on the brink of death just like Raven is.

But anyway, getting too long winded over this movie. Those are just some of my thoughts on it.


Thank you for your insight, Misty. Despite the spoilers (but heck, this movie is now over two years old), I have a feeling we've just sent several people running to rent this thing with that magic phrase "...the lesbo chick who gets it on with Eliza Dushku."

For some reason, references to Eliza Dushku and lesbianism cause our readership to triple.

And on that note...send us more mail, whether it be about Elizabianism or not. And/or check out our new improved forum!


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