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The Disney Marvel Merger - The Movies

Hey y'all. It's your ol' drinkin' buddy, JDobbs here. I know that the news of the Disney acquisition of Marvel caught a whole lot of us by surprise, yours truly included, but there is a silver lining to all of this. In my newly found capacity as The Peacemaker I would like the opportunity to quell the angst of my fellow nerds everywhere with the new possibilities this corporate gerrymandering brings to some of each company's more staid and forgotten cinematic franchises.

To begin with I could not be more stoked for the upcoming:

Not only that, but word on the street is that Nicky Cage and a CG reanimated Peter Ustinov will be treating us to a bloody little something called Blackbeard's Ghost Rider.

Speaking of CG, light a candle on the water because PIXAR is working on an amazingly lifelike Lockheed and Kitty to star in in the remake/re-imagining entitled Pryde's Dragon.

Miss Bliss and Wednesday might not be around, but Summer 2011 will tell us what's going on with That Black Cat, starring a white-haired and boobalicious Diora Baird.

Just in time for McGoohan Fever to hit a crescendo with AMC's remake of The Prisoner late-Autumn, look for our lord and savior James Caviezel to star as Dr. Strange, alias the Scarecrow, with nary a Silly-Anne Murphy to be seen.

In April 2012 everyone's favourite Canadian superhero team (The extra "u" is for Canadian flavour) will beg our compliance when they return after an absence amidst much confusion in the instant classic:

This one is a totally unfounded rumor, but the word from a audio tech who heard Patrick Stewart practicing for the narration of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is that Jean-Luc is stretching his comedy muscles to try to exorcise the the demons of Mork for next Summer's The Absent-Minded Professor X.

Hey! That not all folks! If we're lucky we can look forward to the such projects as Honey, Hank Pym Shrunk The Kids, Race to Scarlet Witch Mountain, The Apple Dumpling Crazy Gang, The S.W.O.R.D. and The Stone, and Darby O'Gill and the Micronauts.

That said, I'm not gonna hold my breath for the release of The Million Dollar Howard the Duck (Now with pants!), but The Daredevil and Max Devlin, The Journey of Natty Logan, and The Silver Surfer Meets the Deedles all have potential.

It'll all be worth it once they sign Wallace Shawn for:

Sometimes you have to ask What If. . . ?

Tomorrow, what the merger will do for Disneyland.

J. Dobbs Rosa

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