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Comic-Con 2015:
All-New All-Different Marvel Page 8

Continuing down Marvel's list...

James Robinson is on the book, so it's worth picking up. But what's going on with the character, I have no idea.

Maybe this is where Jim Hammond will show up, since she did used to be married to the character who everybody thought had Jim Hammond's body.

Really, that made sense in my head, and in the head of anybody who has been reading Marvel since the 70s.

More diversity in the Marvel Universe is a good thing, and while Silk didn't quite break out the way that Spider-Gwen did (and Marvel expected the opposite to happen), it was a solid seller before Doom hit.

It's worth giving a relaunch and seeing what will happen when more of the general public is aware there's this great jumping on point.

Restarting the origin but maintaining the previous creative team, this can only be a good thing. And Gwen is staying in her own universe, unencumbered by any other continuity except when she is called in to fight in the Spider-Verse.

As it should be.

Marvel announced this last week.

So... many... spiders.

But Spider-Man 2099 continues to be written by his co-creator, Peter David, who isn't writing nearly enough comics. So huzzah!

Let's give it a shot...

Page 9: Spider-Woman, Squadron Supreme, Star-Lord, The Mighty Thor

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Derek McCaw



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