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All-New All-Different Marvel Page 2

Continuing down Marvel's list...

Rumored for a while, and a perfect solution to the mantle of Wolverine -- it's X-23!

Call her Logan's daughter, his sister, Laura, or just call her Wolverine, the image has a classic feel to it. Could Marvel really be setting up the next generation and letting it stand?

Perhaps it's not a stretch from the Merry Pranksters to Marvel's Merry Mutants... it's interesting that while other previewed titles and rumors make it sound like most of the mutants have disappeared (again), this implies that no, at least the first five just want to find themselves.

And in a classic VW Bus, no less. Those things will run forever. Here's hoping the book runs for at least a year.

Ahem. We told you so.

Maybe that wasn't you, but a bunch of people online panicking that Marvel was getting rid of the Spider-Man they knew and loved. There was nothing in Marvel's announcement of Spider-Man that implied that Amazing Spider-Man was going to go away.

Nope. Instead it looks like writer Dan Slott will continue on making Spider-Man amazing. Maybe the Parker Luck has changed...

Not having read Angela: Asgard's Assassin past issue #1, we have no informed opinion here.

But taking a character who started out as an "Angel" (for another company) and having her become ruler of Hel? Well, that's interesting.

Marguerite Bennett is gaining a reputation as an interesting writer, and will also be handling Bombshells for DC. This may be worth picking up.

Page 3: Astonishing Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Carnage, Contest of Champions

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Derek McCaw



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