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Comic-Con 2015:
All-New All-Different Marvel Page 3

Continuing down Marvel's list...

Oh, he won't really be a criminal. But Scott Lang does have a criminal past, and the movie does show him with his old gang, so... why not at lest imply it?

The Grizzly has reformed and been working with Scott's security company, Whirlwind escaped from Disney's Big Hero 6, and The Porcupine... whoa... he's still around?

Plus that looks like a dynamic new Wasp, so if the movie hits big -- and it will -- people will be checking out this book. Maybe it's the good Ant-Man book Evangeline Lilly has been waiting for...

Marvel already announced this book -- and the writing team promises great things.

As a character, Carnage has never held much interest for me. But it is interesting that Gerry Conway, who started his career at Marvel on a classic Amazing Spider-Man run, returns to Marvel with this.

Mike Perkins is also an interesting artist choice, being a very quietly realistic cartoonist on a character like this that is so... out there.

Marvel announced this earlier. It could be fun, but it's hard to imagine it as anything other than what the original Contest of Champions was -- an excuse to read fight scenes between characters that should not ordinarily have fight scenes.

Page 4: Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Drax

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Derek McCaw



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