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WonderCon 2014 Today's Date:

WonderCon 2014:

Still waiting for pics from a few other Planeteers who made it to Anaheim. Steph Rodriguez camped out in "The Arena" - we think she made it to Carrousel. Nate Costa and Derek McCaw came together for a few interviews which may make up Episode #351 of the Podcast. But we have the pics today...

Yes, even on the Planet of the Apes they love Oliver! "One boy... boy for saaaaaale... only three bananas...".

Underneath that helmet, he's really a simple country lawyer....

They don't make 'em like they used to... sheer undead elegance...

Attended a panel for Lion Forge Comics...
that's l to r ..CEO David Steward, wrestler and star of The Warrior's Creed Chavo Guerrero,
senior editor Shannon Eric Denton, writer Joe Casey, and ROAR editor Adam Staffaroni.

Ben Acker of Thrilling Adventure Hour interviews the brilliant Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Pretty Deadly and Captain Marvel.

Nate Costa can't believe he's in the same room with Guerrero...

Writer Chris Dingess talks to us about Manifest Destiny...

Who you calling Dum Dum?.

The most adorable thing at Wondercon... more to come.

..and the day ended with our own Mish'al Samman in a Q & A for the world premiere of the short, Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted...

Day 1 Intro

Day 1 Gallery

Derek McCaw



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