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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2014:

It's a week later. That's how busy Comic-Con was. Let's not call it crazy, because others do that. But there was much going on, maybe more than ever before, and no way for one person to get to all of it. Perhaps Comic-Con has become a metaphor for life itself.

Still, there is evidence that things may be getting too unwieldy. Comic-Con instituted some new policies for Hall H, but the crowds may be growing and changing faster than the administration can keep up. We shall ruminate, but first... let's look back.

Let's not forget why we're here, okay?
This boy knows. It's all about Batman and Minecraft.

Plus that cape does some snazzy advertising....

If Disneyland can have a castle, so can ABCland....

DC Direct is preparing to unleash the best Deadman toy ever....

Forget the Army of Darkness, the Army of E.T.'s is a little more disturbing..

Outside, NBC had more than one John Constantine walking around..

There were the usual protests for our souls, and this year honestly felt a lot more civil..

We keep coming back. So does Community..

Despite no panel directly about it, everybody was into Big Hero 6.

The DC Booth taunts Grant Morrison's upcoming Multiversity...

Please don't let North Korea bomb the Hard Rock...

Even Ugly Doll knows why we're here...

Fox offered a virtual experience through Cerebro. (More on that later).

Thursday ended with parties -- first, the Chuck Jones Gallery for "Girls Drawing Girls", surrounded by Alex Ross art.

The guests of honor, doing sketches and having a good time.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Party... beautiful location, but pretty much veggies by the time we got there.



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