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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2014:
Preview Night

We arrived early. We got our badges early and were able to see a lot of set-up going on. Certainly, you don't want to shut down the downtown area longer than you have to, but somehow, seeing the frenzy of people during the daylight hours of Preview Night, it felt like Comic-Con wasn't quite ready for Comic-Con either.

Nobody ever is. You just have to let it wash over you. Because by the time the doors open, it's happening.

Common question happening -- why are our badges bigger than our badge holders?.

Once again, the Tin Shack Fish restaurant has been overwhelmed by NBC, but we don't mind..

We are the Oncoming Storm....

If I had better Photoshop skills, giant Peter Dinklage would be in the Comic-Con logo..

I admit it. This is what I wanted to see more than anything else..

For Batman's 75th, DC is celebrating fashion. Because Batman would..

I admit it, though... they've got cool shirts..

But did they have Peter Quill's escape pod?

Did they have John Hurt surrounded by the Beast?.

LEGO never disappoints. How expensive is this boxed set?.

Into the mouth of madness....

Where can we go to get away from the crowds?.

At last... isolation. More on this later..

Luckily, there are still comics to be found. Here, creator Dave Elliott holds up The Weirding Willows,
available on Comixology and coming from Titan Books, which is making a move to become a major publisher in the U.S..

Back out into the night...

Facing the Convention Center is TERMINUS from The Walking Dead. They've got good BBQ..

As they say about Constantine in Hell, he looks cooler all lit up..

Syfy asks if we are ready for Ascension, in one of the most quietly disturibing store fronts outside the Center..


Derek McCaw



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