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Super-Con San Jose 2009:
Photos To Match The Podcast...And More!

If you listen to our podcast, you know we interviewed quite a few pros who came to San Jose for Super-Con 2009, rapidly growing to be a favorite show for Fanboy Planet, and not just because we don't have to drive too far to get there.

In addition to engineering and backing me up in interviews, Ric Bretschneider kept his camera handy, illustrating our podcast and generally capturing interesting sights from a different perspective than Lon's great work we ran earlier.

Thanks to Steve Wyatt for letting Fanboy Planet cover the event.

All photos by Ric Bretschneider, Moral Compass.

Alexis E. Fajardo, creator of Kid Beouwulf

The costume I strangely coveted more than any other.
Maybe after 1,000 sit-ups a day...

Frank Cho signs in San Jose...

Howard Chaykin also signs, but does not suffer fools gladly.

Derek gets an action figure bargain -- satisfying two young children for a reasonable price.

Jane Wiedlin, #1 Fanboy Planet Sweetheart.
If Wolverine could be her imaginary boyfriend when she was a girl,
I can cop to her being my imaginary girlfriend when I was a boy.
Beloved children's icon Kirby in a rare moment of sobriety.

Margot Kidder and I'm avoiding the cheap joke.

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis.

What do you get when you combine Slave Girl Leia with Borg Queen?
A very disturbing image.

Are you SURE the Joker isn't in Alice In Wonderland?

This isn't the coffee you're looking for...

Face to face with Super Searnold.
He dresses nattily.

Derek McCaw


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