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Super-Con San Jose 2009:
Catching Lon Lopez' Fancy

If you listen to our podcast, you know we interviewed quite a few pros who came to San Jose for Super-Con 2009, rapidly growing to be a favorite show for Fanboy Planet, and not just because we don't have to drive too far to get there.

Luckily, Lon walked around with his camera and took some great shots, and finally I have the time to put them together on this site -- Lon also posted them, of course, on MoronLife.com.

Thanks to Steve Wyatt for letting Fanboy Planet cover the event.

All photos by Lon Lopez, the Sandpaper Man.

The Batgirl of Earth-San Jose.

Whatever you do, don't take jelly babies from strangers.

Kind of an Arkiss Chummuck thing going on...

You know, as cool as Ledger was, I wish we could go back to something a little more classic...

Introducing Marvel's newest book for kids...Spidey StarTrek Stories...

A somewhat inert Radioactive Man.
Yes, that may have been a science joke.
Wait...was he in Battle for the Cowl?

I see a pretty butterfly.

I'm really not sure, but she claims to be a member of the 501st.

Worlds colliding and...eh.

Because they keep asking us to...

Here's a sneak preview of
Star Trek 12: The Quest For Cultural Relevance...

Derek McCaw


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