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Wizard World Los Angeles 2006:
Celebrity Sightings
At Least They Are To Us...

Gallery 1, Gallery 3

Contributor Jeffrey Berman spent the weekend checking out one of the highest profile conventions in the country -- the fabled Wizard World. Oh, it's fun to say that to "outsiders" -- they think we're wearing robes and tall hats.

Anyway, though Jeff is successful as a writer, he's taken to photography over the last couple of years, sending us some great snapshots from San Diego. As our lone representative at Wizard World, it's clear from these pictures that we're lucky to have him.

$20 for a picture, $10 for him to arrest you.

Kane salutes Fanboy Planet. Look, you believe what you want to, I'll believe what I want to.

I don't think it's Mick Foley that's turning into a muppet...

If they're busy writing comics, they'll be too busy to make movies...

Andy Hallet -- if you listen carefully, you can hear this photo singing and he'll read your mind.

Jeph Loeb and the Lost Writers. I'd buy that.
(l. to r.) Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Jeph Loeb and Damon Lindelof

Brian Michael Bendis upon realizing this was a Fanboy Planet photographer.
We won't be ignored, Brian.

Perhaps not a celebrity, but we did see this guy interviewed on The Daily Show.

Not exactly a celebrity, but we didn't know where else to put this.
Is it a Transforming Tonka Truck Gobot Longhorn Stormtrooper?
All we know is those eyes promise so much...

Jeffrey Berman


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